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TCEA 2018: Yes That Is Padcaster We Are Shooting With

hero-k12-tcea-banner TCEA 2018: Yes That Is Padcaster We Are Shooting WithAfter 12 Major Events and over 200 Interviews, Padcaster Is Still Our Favorite Tool

padcaster-tcea-top TCEA 2018: Yes That Is Padcaster We Are Shooting With


Shortly after I started Thedroidguy.com in 2006 and began traveling across the globe to cover events like IFA, CES and phone launches, I also purchased about $10,000 in video gear. I had a really expensive Canon digital camera, and a really nice Nikon DSLR plus every attachment, lens and accessory under the sun. I was a real reporter/videographer and I meant business. Over the next few years I scoffed at anyone who dared try to shoot video or photos with a smartphone or a tablet.

I was one of “those” guys. One that didn’t give two cares that tablet cameras were starting to carry more megapixels than similarly priced DSLR cameras. I didn’t care that I carried around a 4k video camera with me everywhere I went. My iPad was better suited in my backpack than it was any show floor near or far.

During this same time our convention schedule went something like this: wake up at 7:00am, get to the show floor at 9:00am, shoot videos all day long until 5, 6 or 7pm, eat, go to some kind of post conference event and then arrive at the hotel room, if I was lucky, by 10:00pm. Then it was time to do all of our post edit work, and with video, that started with setting videos to convert to a workable format using Handbrake. Handbrake took hours.

If I was lucky our post production was done by 2am and videos were uploaded to YouTube by 3 or 4am.

That was until we started shooting with Padcaster.

I was on the fence at first. I had been ridiculing any one of my “colleagues” that shot with an iPad, which is precisely why Josh Apter created Padcaster. In fact he described almost that exact scenario to our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum, back at ISTE.

Padcaster has created a metal housing that securely holds your iPad in the best position to shoot video. It has holes for shoes and accessories and even allows you to use external lenses turning your iPad into a full on video studio, and remember if it’s a newer iPad it’s a 4K camera on board.

The Padcaster easily mounts to any Tripod or Monopod, the company sells a variety of accessories including monopods, tripods, microphones, lenses, bags, green screens and more. They’re the one stop shop for turning your iPad into a fully functioning, professional video rig for news gathering, vlogging and even K-12 tv studios. Heck, with Padcaster ultimate you even get an accessory that turns your smartphone into a teleprompter.

At the studio in our office we use the Padcaster green screen along with the Padcaster tripod. On the road we use a 10.5″ iPad Pro on Verizon LTE. We outfit our Padcaster with the Padcaster LED light, a Rhode boom microphone and a wireless handheld microphone that has a battery operated receiver. We use a Padcaster shoe to hold the receiver to the Padcaster. This is all held by a monopod we bought at Best Buy for $20 (literally).

We shoot with Movie Pro and once we finish a video we add our open and close to it and edit it down, sometimes still standing at the same booth. We then send the video right up to YouTube from the show floor and when we get back to the hotel room at 10pm all we have to do is write the accompanying story and change the YouTube setting from unlisted to published. That’s really it. So while my colleagues who are still as snobby as I was, are fighting sleep in the middle of the night, we walked off the show floor with our post production done and our videos just waiting for stories.

Schools are using Padcaster for news gathering, morning announcements, to film plays and events, sporting event filming, football filming and in their own tv studios. Some schools are replacing $20,000+ dollars in equipment with Padcaster.  It’s also great because utilizing Padcaster shows kids what tools they may have at home as far as shooting and producing video.

All of our videos shot in 2017 and so far in 2018 have been shot using Padcaster. Find out more at Padcaster.com and if you’re at TCEA you can find them in booth #2429. You can also find them at SXSWedu in the Innovation Hub next month.

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