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Pear Deck Is Giving Every Student A Voice Here’s How

codereadr-fetc-banner Pear Deck Is Giving Every Student A Voice Here's HowFETC 2018: Pear Deck Helps Teachers Give Every Student A Voice With Their Easy To Use, Feature Packed Tool

Technology is helping teachers get students to come out of their shells and participate. Giving every student a voice is one of the biggest goals for Pear Deck, the company that has created the most easy to use tool for teachers to create interactive lessons, and slides and bring their content to life, regardless of what device they’re using.

Now we know that using most slide and presentation creation tools, like PowerPoint, teachers still need to drive enough engagement to get their students to raise their hands and actively participate. Not with Pear Deck. Pear Deck has made it easy for students to participate at their desk with a host of interactive response features.

Teachers can be sure that every student has grasped each part of the lesson before moving on.  With Pear Deck student responses are anonymous which makes participating far less intimidating. It also means that every single person in the class will be thinking and engaging.

In addition to interactive questions, teachers can add art, interactive animations, Google Slides and other content, right within the Pear Deck system.

Teachers can decide which parts of the lesson or presentation are shown on the smart board or class projector or sent directly to students’ devices.  There’s also a question component within Pear Deck so students can ask questions about the material or teachers can ask questions to the students to see how well they grasped it.

After the lessons are completed all of the student’s material is saved in their own individual Google Docs account. This means that teachers can go back and work with students 1:1 with the material. Students can also share the material with their parents showing their responses, the lesson questions and the correct answers if they got them incorrect.

We got a chance to talk with Katie Beihl, Pear Deck’s VP of Marketing at FETC 2018. We talked with her about just how easy it is to use Pear Deck and their new Google Slides integration tool, one of the most popular Google add-ons in the world. With the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, teachers can create their Pear Deck slides right in Google Slides giving them the same creative tools in an environment that they’re used to.

Pear Deck was designed by teachers for teachers and students, and it shows. Check out our video interview above and for more information visit peardeck.com and visit with them at TCEA in Austin, February 5-8th, booth #1528

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e4effort-fetc-banner Pear Deck Is Giving Every Student A Voice Here's How