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TCEA 2018 Preview: SWIVL Is A Must Have For Every K-12 Classroom

swivl-tcea-top TCEA 2018 Preview: SWIVL Is A Must Have For Every K-12 ClassroomSwivl Is The Tool For Teacher Observations, Class Observations, Lecture Capture, Flipped Classroom and More

When it comes to classroom observation, whether it be of the teacher, the students or the entire class, Swivl is a must have. Swivl’s is an easy to use robotic stand for your mobile device that is trained to follow the teacher around wherever he or she goes, from the same spot, providing a holistic view of the entire classroom and everything going on inside of it.

Swivl’s microphones, placed throughout the classroom, add the audio of what’s going on in the class. Hear every students question and answer in your observation videos. Swivl is truly the most comprehensive tool for classroom observations.

It starts with the Swivl C5 robot and markers. Teachers place the device they want to record on, into the Swivl robotic stand and as the teacher moves around the room, Swivl is capturing every second, from start to finish. Schools and teachers can add desk top Swivl stands to incorporate a multi-camera view so students can be observed as well.

Most online classroom observation systems have the teacher shoot some video of themselves teaching. Often times it’s a lecture type setting and the camera is stationary on a tripod, somewhere in the room. As we all know, teachers love to move about, check in with students, and ensure that every student can hear them. With traditional online observation systems, the teacher is often out of the video shot, leaving out critical information. Swivl captures it all.

swivl-2 TCEA 2018 Preview: SWIVL Is A Must Have For Every K-12 ClassroomCapture is just the beginning. Teachers join the Swivl cloud community where they can partner with other likeminded teachers to get important feedback on the way they are teaching and developing. Teachers using Swivl cloud often give tips to one another, and those teachers anxiously try out the tips and post a new observation video, using Swivl.

Swivl observations are the first completely holistic video observations that can be shared online for peer feedback. Observations with Swivl can also be shared offline for local teacher and administrator feedback. With Swivl, whoever is watching the video sees the teacher during the entire lesson. In addition they see the students reactions to the teacher and interactions with the teacher. This is unprecedented as far as online video observations are concerned.

Teachers in K-12 schools are using Swivl beyond classroom observations as well. Some teachers use it for teaching lessons in a flipped classroom. They’re using Swivl to stream classes to other schools, partner schools and even across the globe. Swivl is great for remote learning situations as well.

The best part is that Swivl doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and you don’t need a degree in multimedia to set it up.

See the simplicity of Swivl at TCEA in Austin Texas, February 5-9th in booth #1849 and online at swivl.com 

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