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TCEA 2018: Why Yes Tom Murray Is Smart Enough For A Fifth Grader

MSD-Banner720x90-PlanDanceYellowTcea2 TCEA 2018: Why Yes Tom Murray Is Smart Enough For A Fifth GraderTatum Talks With Tom Murray With Future Ready Schools About Being Future Ready and Their Partnership With Bulb, At TCEA

tom-murray-tatum-TCEA-top TCEA 2018: Why Yes Tom Murray Is Smart Enough For A Fifth GraderTwo weeks ago at BETT and FETC, Bulb announced an exciting new partnership with Future Ready Schools, the national organization helping over 3000 school districts and 19 million students, with the transition into the digital age and education technology.

Through this partnership, the Future Ready Schools know that Bulb is inline and committed to the same goals as FRS and that they support education technology to drive student success.

Tom Murray, the Director of Innovation at Future Ready Schools has been living this technological transformation in education since his days as a school teacher, then a principal and then a district level technology implementor. Murray is passionate about this transition and knows that technology in the classroom as far more than throwing an iPad in a student’s lap or a Chromebook on their desk.

Murray is also a very popular speaker on the topic of education technology and driving student success, as well as an accomplished author on the subject. He recently co-authored “Learning Transformed: 8 Keys To Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today” after enormous amounts of research and experience at all levels of K-12 education.

Murray appeared at a book signing and meet and greet at the Bulb booth at TCEA on Tuesday evening. It was there that we caught up with him, and Tatum insisted on doing the interview. Murray was thrilled to spend time with our 10 year old reporter. He told us it’s kids like Tatum and those from her generation that fuels his passion for Future Ready Schools.

Although his resume and Linkedin profile would suggest the nickname “Mr. EdTech”, Tatum found out during the interview that he still believes that classroom success also counts on low tech 1:1 interaction, which is why he didn’t seem to think the classroom would be 100% digital in the next 20 years.

This is actually a pretty in depth interview.

Tatum also spoke with Bulb about why they partnered with Future Ready Schools and what it means.  Find out more about Future Ready at FutureReady.org and bulb at bulbapp.com 

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