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20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At TCEA 2018

bakusa-nibletz-720x90-TCEA-banner 20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At TCEA 2018

TCEA 2018 Kicks Off This Week In Austin, Follow These 20 Twitter Accounts To Keep Up With The Action

tcea-twitter-top 20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At TCEA 2018

  • @mguhlin Miguel Guhlin is the Director of Professional Development at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). Although one of the biggest edtech conferences in the U.S. we sometimes forget that it’s an organization conference, and a mighty good one at that. In addition to all things TCEA, Miguel tweets and shares all things edtech and professional development.
  • @tatumftech is our 10 year old edtech reporter and the youngest member of the press ever credentialed into ISTE  (since 2014), FETC (since 2015), SXSWedu (since 2015) SXSW and CES. She’s been doing video interviews with edtech companies and influencers since she was 6. You can check out some of her work on her personal youtube channel here and on nibletz.com
  • @jenwilliamsedu Jennifer always makes our event follow lists because she’s full of edtech awesomeness. On Twitter she goes hand in hand with Bryan L Miller (edtechnerd) he’s next. Jennifer is a speaker, educator and a director @participate. Follow her for all things TCEA and just about every other edtech conference that matters.
  • @edtechnerd Bryan L Miller is the edtechnerd, teacher turned edtech guru who speaks the language of teacher, student, educator and company. He’s our 10 year old edtech reporter’s favorite Twitterer because he makes being a nerd cool. Or so she says. He’s also the education guy over at Wonder Workshop the creators of Dot, Dash and now Cue.
  • @matthew_arend Matthew is the Principal of Sigler Nation, that’s Sigler Elementary in Plano Texas for those not in the know. He shares a lot of good stuff designed to impact students.
  • @bulbapp is the best portfolio for students available today. It’s more than a trapper keeper. With Bulb students can keep up with their portfolio and assignments from K-12 and beyond. The Bulb portfolio stays with the student for life. They also incorporate creativity tools to make online portfolios the student’s own, and they integrate with most popular educational software.
  • @futureready is an amazing organization developing the capacity to transform teaching and personalize learning for All students using digital tools. If you’re not following them, do it now.
  • @Padcaster is the ultimate solution turning iPads into full on video production powerhouses helping schools create state of the art video production at a fraction of the cost.
  • @shannonmmiller is a teacher, librarian, author and the blogs at thelibraryvoice.com. Her blog is packed with ready to go resources for school librarians and teachers. Her Twitter feed is all things edtech, education and TCEA
  • @edtechteam is an organization dedicated to empowering educators through their online resources, webinars, in person seminars, bootcamps and summits. Keep up with their trip to TCEA here  at Project Learn and on their twitter feed.
  • @hollyclarkedu is a Google Certified Innovator, speaker and author. She’s the cofounder of California edtechchat. She’s co-author of the Google infused classroom and she’s the tour guide for @edtechteam’s Project Learn at TCEA.
  • @IncidentIQ is more than just a help desk for K-12 IT professionals. Made for educators by educators they leverage their technology to ensure your technology has limited downtime. They’re also a great 1:1 implementation partner, oh and right now they’re giving away tickets to Disney World!
  • @elemenous Lucy Gray is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an edtech and innovation consultant. She’s also the co-founder of Global Ed Con.
  • @shakeuplearning Kasey Bell is a well known educator, innovator, speaker, author and creator of Shakeuplearning.com. Her website and Twitter feed are filled with teacher resources and tweets about education and TCEA.
  • @participate helps teachers make a bigger impact. The facilitate and help teachers participate in growing learning communities.
  • @jmattmiller Matt Miller is the Ditch That Textbook guy. He really needs no introduction.
  • @edtechangel Angel Bradford is a teacher at The Village School, she’s also a speaker this year at TCEA.
  • @digcitizen Dr. Mike Ribble is the author of the books Digital Citizenship in Schools (now in its 3rd edition) and Raising a Digital Child. He’s the Chief Academic Officer at the Digital Citizenship Institute and an authority on digital citizenship in the classroom.
  • @TCEA is the official handle for TCEA keep up with important show announcements, information and more.
  • @nibletztweets that’s our official Twitter handle. Nibletz is the #1 Google News Source for TCEA and SXSWedu keep up with all of our stories and more on our Twitter feed.

Bonus: follow @todaysblip that will get you our edtech stories a single time as they are posted live. Also, we’ve got something awesome coming for @todaysblip very very soon. If you’re an educator, edtech startup, innovator, edtech company, investor, stakeholder or just love following edtech make sure you follow @todaysblip today.

Nibletz is the #1 Google News Source for TCEA and SXSWedu. Check out all of our coverage here. 

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