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TCEA 2018 Video: Wowzers, A Fun Math Platform

id123-fetc-banner TCEA 2018 Video: Wowzers, A Fun Math PlatformCan Wowzer’s Help Our 10 Year Old EdTech Reporter Fall In Love With Math? Challenge Accepted

wowzers-tcea-interview-top TCEA 2018 Video: Wowzers, A Fun Math Platform

When I wrote the headline, I used my best Inspector Gadget voice. Wowzers was a signature phrase from the iconic cartoon character, said every time he saw something big, wild, or out of this world. This is important to note because if Wowzer’s can help our 10 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F, fall in love with math, it will definitely be a “wowzers” moment.

Wowzers is a complete online math solution designed to engage students with fun content, while teaching math skills and concepts for kids in grades K-8.

The comprehensive curriculum based on the Science of Learning is aligned to state and national standards, personalized for each student, and includes enhanced assessments to track and monitor students’ mastery of mathematical foundations.

Wowzers allows students and teachers unlimited access to the comprehensive curriculum on computers and tablets 24/7. Animated, virtual tools get students excited to learn new math skills, and the activities in Wowzers build declarative knowledge and underlying cognitive skills, like memory, thinking, and sequencing. Wowzers supports the learning system of the brain by including emotional, social, and reflective thinking in a variety of ways.

For students, Wowzers is both fun and engaging. The interactive games and exercises feature bright and brilliant cartoon characters that guide students through standards aligned curriculum, teaching it, reviewing on it, building on concepts, assessing their mastery and applying these skills into natural scenarios.

Feedback for Wowzers is incredible. Many teachers love how easy it is to use. They also love the teacher dashboard and analytics Wowzers provides so that they know up to the minute how their students are going, and growing. Other teachers love how engaging Wowzers can be. Many have students who never liked math, turning into math whizzes with Wowzers.

Tatum was happy to see her friend Lynn Walker who previously worked for a well known reading company. It was that company that helped form her “Rory Gilmore” like love of books and reading. With that in mind, Walker was convinced that Wowzers can help her fall in love with math.

Help your students fall in love with math. Check out Wowzers at wowzers.com 

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