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Ampit: Social handles for brands and products

We’ve already seen a ton of interesting apps and products here at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. That said, we just came across one of the more unique ideas we have seen at the event. Ampit has created a new type of social(ish?) platform for products and brands. Ampit is kind of similar to Twitter, kind of, its not a perfect analogy. Ampit allows brands and products create unique social handles. These handles, though, are more akin to hashtags than @ usernames.

Also, these handles utilize the ampersand (&) as the trigger instead of the pound sign (#):

Every product will have their own unique social handle preceded with the &. Our goal is to provide a social handle for any product that can be referenced on any platform.

Nike’s LeBronold Palmer   =   &NikeLeBronoldPalmer

&NikeLebronoldPalmer is now an “amp” or a product with a unique social handle on Ampit and will be rendered as a link throughout the whole site.1

The Ampit platform serves as the host for all of the & activity, providing a profile – if you will – for all products and brands. Also, Ampit acts as a storefront for these & tagged products. For example, here is the & profile for the aforementioned Nike’s LeBronold Palmer:

Ampit-app-1024x766 Ampit: Social handles for brands and products

We had a chance to speak with the Ampit team on Monday. They told us a bit more about the platform, and how the envision brands using it: