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Karma Platform: Turn Excel spreadsheets into apps

We got to see a bunch of interesting startups at TechCrunch Disrupt NY earlier this week. One of the startups had one of the most ingenious projects we have seen in some time. The Karma Platform enables users to make web apps with nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet. We have seen several different no-coding mobile/web app development platforms, but the Karma Platform is easily the best we have come across.

Karma is a platform where business users can turn lists – stored in spreadsheets – into customised business applications with a simple drag & drop to simplify complex everyday business administration duties.

Karma combines the powerful flexibility of simple lists with the rigid robustness of enterprise business administration systems. Karma is a unique platform using lists in spreadsheets for modeling business logic and defining the UI of applications. Karma transforms lists to secure, scalable and multi-platform web applications1

While the main focus for the Karma Platform is administration-based apps, it is not that large of a leap to see the platform adapt to all sorts of uses. As changes in a spreadsheet are instantly reflected in the app, it seems like ecommerce would be the next logical step for Karma.

Karma-Platform Karma Platform: Turn Excel spreadsheets into apps

We had a chance to speak with the Karma Platform team during TC Disrupt – they made the long trip from Budapest, Hungary. We learned a bit more about the platform, and how it works: