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Find That One Picture In Your Video With Shutta

Sure there are apps out there let you take a picture while recording video, most newer smartphones do that right out of the box. However, most of the by-products of those videos are grainy, blurry pictures that seem to never capture the exact right moment. What if you were able to go frame by frame in a video, and then extrapolate the picture into a still, at a decent resolution?

That’s the exact premiss around a startup called Shutta that we found a few weeks back at TechCrunch Disrupt New York.

Shutta aims to revolutionise how we take photographs by showing that images from video more truthfully reflect how dynamic our lives really are. Whether it is catching a sporting action shot, or capturing the antics of dogs and children, Shutta turns every user into an action photographer.” Founder James Shimell told nibletz in an interview.

Shutta makes it easy to capture the best shots out of a GoPro video and make them worthy of framing. But after that they’ve also built their own social network within the app and has amazingly easy to use social integration for all the popular social networks.

Shutta is possibly the best-travelled app in the App Store. James Shimell, the founder and sole developer of the app, came up with the concept while at the now famous Festival of Colours in Tarifa, Spain – the wind and kite surf capital of Europe. Having shot several great videos of the event, he found that the vast majority of the photos he took were mostly just a fuzzy, albeit colourful, blur. After a quick search on the App Store didn’t return an app that would allow him to extract the best frames from the videos he took, James decided there was only one way to get the pics he wanted: he would build the app himself.

The first, silent release of Shutta in January 2014 coincided with James’s move to Vietnam, where he heads up a European owned software house based in Saigon. On the first release, Shutta was merely a tool to allow users to extract their pictures, and, although well-received by the early adopters, it quickly became clear that users wanted a much higher level of social integration.

In April of 2014, version 1.2 including full social network functionality, was released. This time while James was travelling in Europe on business. Again, this new version was well-received and, without any marketing activity, a small network of several thousands of users established itself.

Based on their feedback over the next 12 months, Shutta was further enhanced with full screen video scrolling, improved photo editing capabilities, photo filters, the possibility to add text, emoji and stickers… Finally satisfied that Shutta was now not only functional, but also fine-tuned to users’ actual requirements. Shutta v2 was ready for the App Store.Shutta v2 was officially launched on May 4, 2015 at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in New York, generating considerable interest from the press and receiving great praise from end-users.