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This Sync Technology From WeMesh Blew Us Away At TechCrunch Disrupt

WeMeshlogo This Sync Technology From WeMesh Blew Us Away At TechCrunch DisruptThere are a lot of valley buzz words filling the air here in New York this week for TechCrunch Disrupt. Everyone has something disruptive, innovative, and cloud based. It’s getting harder and harder to navigate through the world of startups, and compounding that is the hit HBO show Silicon Valley which has made this event even more hipster. It’s hard to pull back the curtain and find some really radical stuff.

WeMesh fits that boot though.

WeMesh is a real time video syncing technology that allows one user to share and sync the same video across multiple devices. In our demo video we watched the video “I’m in love with the CoCoa” on three different smartphones.

While that’s pretty cool in itself, what makes it even cooler is extra features like the ability to talk over the video or text during the video. The best part is it’s not dependent on a local wifi network so you can have a friend in Nebraska, Ohio, Florida and Israel all watching the same piece of video.

This can make for a good fun night of reminiscing about Pop Up Video with a Pop Up Video chat of your own, or of course in a meeting.

Right now the WeMesh team hasn’t finished the ability to stream but it’s definitely in the cards. They are excited about the idea of being able to have an entire room of conference attendees watching the stage on their phones in real time, at the same time. They can annotate the video and talk over it, creating a pretty awesome experience.

You can find out more about Wemesh at