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Virginia Startup WeFidget Has Created The Ultimate Fidget Spinner, REVOQ

REVOQ Is The Ultimate Fidget Toy

Wefidget-REVOQ-top Virginia Startup WeFidget Has Created The Ultimate Fidget Spinner, REVOQ

My fidget spinner collection is up to 15. I’ve got two cubes, several metal spinners, a couple original spinners, a glow in the dark and a two sided spinner with LEDs. Other than spinners being the hit thing right now, I’m one of those guys that has always needed a fidget toy. I get annoyed with people that say the toys were designed for those with developmental disabilities, I get that they’re helpful for that, but the original spinner was designed by a man who needed something to play with in meetings. That’s me. In the mid 2000s I would wear out my Mercedes switch blade key. Those keys are rated for 100,000 opens, I probably sat in meetings over thirty days and killed all 100,000.

Fidget spinners come in a wide variety of flavors right now. I keep mine in a watch case and try and decide which three I’m going to carry each day to get all my fidget needs out of the way.

Alas, a Virginia startup has created the ultimate fidget spinner that combines just about everything I get out of all fifteen devices.

“Not all fidget spinners are the same, and neither are people,” said Dale Lin, Founder of “That’s why we came up with REVOQ. Different people prefer different functions, so we figured, why not take the best of each and make one, ultra-fidget toy that could satisfy virtually anyone.”

WeFidget-REVOQ-features Virginia Startup WeFidget Has Created The Ultimate Fidget Spinner, REVOQ

REVOQ is not only visually appealing, but also fun. Those who enjoy the competitive aspect of fidget spinners can enjoy REVOQ’s perfect balance and weight to achieve exceptional spin times. While the times may vary between each user, REVOQ averages four to six minutes of spin time. To help ease stress and anxiety, REVOQ also features a soothing thumb groove, a middle gear spinner and rolling steel balls that give a clicky feeling. REVOQ also features four spring switches that each offer various tactical resistances. This is ideal for fidgeters who love flicking pens while working.

REVOQ is especially useful for those suffering from anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD and more. In fact, the team implemented a deep “worry stone” groove where users can place their thumb and help relieve anxiety. For a deeper sensation, users can rub the rigid texture on REVOQ. To help meditate and relax, the team included a small bump on the top of the finger button to keep track of movement, which is ideal for meditation.

Fidget Spinners are actually an amazing device. I’ve found that by using a spinner instead of keeping my head down in my phone, I can actually carry on a conversation. Here at we’ve written about the original fidget spinner and even a way to use fidget spinners in the classroom.

We love the REVOQ already. But what we especially loved this comparison chart from WeFidget:

WeFidget-REVOQ-comparison Virginia Startup WeFidget Has Created The Ultimate Fidget Spinner, REVOQ

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