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K-12 Gamification Startup Classcraft Raises $2.8M

classcraft-funding-top K-12 Gamification Startup Classcraft Raises $2.8MNew York and Quebec EdTech Startup Classcraft Closes $2.8M Round

We’ve talked a lot lately about the growing popularity of gamification in schools. Turning lessons and curriculum into contemporary games that students can play has proven to be more effective than traditional learning and even traditional e-learning.

Classcraft transforms the classroom into an “epic adventure” that students can play throughout the year. The company looks to gamify the entire classroom experience rather than just offer a suite of educational games, like Legends of Learning.

With Classcraft, teachers use quests to overlay their course content and learning activities into one interactive map. This turns their lessons into “choose your own adventure” style experiences.

Like many video games of modern day, Classcraft starts at one point on the map and students progress as they get past the next areas activity. The activities can be whatever the teacher wants to use like worksheets, quizzes, videos or other learning materials. There’s an optional narrative element that can provide students with the instructions to get past the activity and the point on the map.

Classcraft is complete with avatars, powers and much more. Students play in terms and earn points for positive behaviors and for completing activities. The platform provides teachers with real time feedback via a dashboard and even has ways to integrate parents into the game.

Over 20,000 US schools are already on the ClassCraft program. It’s also used internationally in over 75 countries with 2.5 million student users worldwide.

The company just closed a venture capital round of $2.8 million dollars led by Whitecap Venture Partners. Brightspark Ventures, MaRS Catalyst Fund (backed by Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite) and previous investors participated in the round.

Classcraft is a family run startup led by brothers Devin (CEO) and Shawn Young, along with their father Lauren.

“Our mission with Classcraft is to reimagine the classroom with collaborative play at the center of the experience,” said Devin Young, said in a statement. “We’re extremely proud of the impact this approach has had with students, particularly around Social Emotional Learning. With this round of funding, our focus now is to build an even richer gaming ecosystem through partnerships and self-paced, personalized learning. We’re very excited about what’s to come!”

You can check out Classcraft here.