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Women’s Angel Network In Iowa Makes First Investment

FIN Capital, The Iowa Based Women’s Angel Network, Makes First Investment

gaincompliance-top Women's Angel Network In Iowa Makes First Investment

FIN Capital is an angel network made up entirely of women, 28 of them to be exact. All of the ladies are successful in their own right and are accredited investors. The network leverages it’s members backgrounds, and expertise in a disciplined approach to vetting potential investments. They look for investments where not only their capital will make a difference to the new company, but where they may be able to make other contributions to the growth of the business.

The angel network was created to help women grow wealth through investing while building successful businesses for the future.

FIN Capital just announced their investment in Gain Compliance.  The company is a software startup that has created a data and quality compliance product for the insurance industry.

“We are excited to have FIN Capital as investors,” Burch LaPrade, CEO of Gain Compliance, said in a release. “I was extremely impressed by both the organization itself as well as the process. We pitched to a panel of over 20 members, and the expertise of this diverse group was evident in the questions asked and throughout its due diligence process. Our ideal investors are ones who bring a new and valuable perspective to our business, and we feel like we hit the jackpot with FIN Capital.” reports that FIN Capital was able to make a financial commitment in under 30 days which is pretty quick for an angel investment network.

“What struck us about Gain Compliance was the experience of the team in addressing this market opportunity,” Jolene Vermeer, a founding member of FIN Capital, said in a statement. “Gain Compliance’s veteran team of founders has a history of success in building enterprise software, and they are taking a thoughtful approach to the complicated and under-served market of insurance compliance reporting.”