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Australian Blokes Create Tinder For Friendships

Aussie Startup Hobspot Raises $450k For Tinder For Friendship

Hobspot-top Australian Blokes Create Tinder For Friendships

Everyone has gotten used to swiping right to find the girl or guy you want to date or hook up with for the night, but what if you were just looking for friends. Well an Australian startup called Hobspot has you covered. Hobspot came from the company’s tag line “connecting people through hobbies and interests”.

Founded by Alfonso Ordonez, Gustavo Campos and Sam Ethell, Hobspot was born after Ordonez and Ethell met at an Oktoberfest event in 2014. They instantly became friends over a sports connection to Ohio State in the US.  Ethell was wearing an Ohio State basketball jersey.

“We saw an opportunity to connect people through their shared interests in the same way we had formed our friendship over basketball. There are many people, in particular International students, who are looking to build connections with like-minded people, but don’t know where to start to find them.” Ethell said.

Through an algorithm and targeting a specific audience Hobspot’s technology makes it easier for new friends to meet up, in real life. According to Ethell it’s the targeted audience that’s the attraction for investors. The startup just raised $450,000.

“Once the investors understood the metrics we could collect and the ability to reach niche interest groups on the platform, the conversation changed very quickly. Using key statistical information on user activity we are able to feed this in to advertisers to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns,” Ethell told The Australian Anthill

Hobspot offers a digital real life mix that’s different from other social media networks currently available.

“Whether it is age-related or life-event-related, research shows that our networks change once we hit our late 20s, but our desire for connection does not. Hobspot is an alternative to existing social networking sites in that it transcends the digital and physical worlds,” says Ordonez.

The company will use the investment to grow their team and solidify marketing partnerships. Advertisers are interested in Hobspot because they can hit targeted core audiences. They plan on raising another $8-10 million later this year.