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ClearGov Closes $1.2 Million Dollar Seed Round

Massachusetts Startup ClearGov Closes $1.2 Million Dollar Seed Round For Their Government Data Software

ClearGov-top ClearGov Closes $1.2 Million Dollar Seed Round

A Massachusetts startup that provides local government transparency and benchmarking software has closed a $1.2 million dollar seed round. ClearGov, founded by Chris Bullock and Bryan Burdick, started the company pulling open data to create public profiles of cities. Their profiles touched on budgetary and spending information.

Now they’ve evolved into a benchmarking software platform for local governments.  The information is delivered in easy to understand infographics. They currently supply data for 20,000 local governments in 20 different states.  The company operates on a freemium model. They initially set up hosted statistical portals for local governments, with publicly available data. After that they offer premium upgrades, with deeper looks into the data.

The company’s premium InsightsTM service allows local governments, such as Brookline, MA and Decatur, GA, to enhance their basic ClearGov profiles with more granular financials and commentary on fiscal trends.  Local governments then promote their ClearGov site as a “transparency center” to the public via their town website, social media and town meetings to help drive trust through transparency.

ClearGov InsightsTM also includes web-based software that enables government leaders to identify potential areas for improved efficiencies by comparing their finances against similar communities via the company’s extensive database of over $1.8 trillion of government expenditures.  A local government could, for example, analyze the cost efficiency of its snow and ice removal program by comparing expenditures to neighboring towns with similar road miles.

Their $1.2 million dollar seed round was led by Kepha Partners and included MassVentures, with other angel investors participating as well.

“ClearGov’s team has a proven entrepreneurial track record and the company’s traction with local governments in Massachusetts speaks for itself,” said Eric Hjerpe, partner at Kepha Partners.  “The company’s solution is incredibly topical as governments are increasingly battling misinformation, making the need to improve transparency and build public trust ever more important.”

“ClearGov has created an invaluable tool not only for citizens, but also for government officials to access and, more importantly utilize public spending, taxation and budgeting information,” said Jennifer Jordan, vice president at MassVentures.

“This investment is an important step in our vision to make democracy work better.  ClearGov is much more than financial transparency; we are providing insights to taxpayers and officials that can help improve the effectiveness of their local government,” said Chris Bullock, CEO and founder of ClearGov.  “Ultimately, we believe our platform has the potential to positively impact millions of people through a more informed and efficient democracy.”

Check out ClearGov here.