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Edtech Startup Raises $6.6M For Kids Educational Mini Games

Mexican Startup Yogome is Engaging With Kids and Just Raised $6.6M

YoGoMe-top Edtech Startup Raises $6.6M For Kids Educational Mini Games

As we write this story on Thursday evening, our 9 year old edtech reporter is deeply engaged in an app for kids called Epic Heroes of Knowledge. She’s been at it for hours. Tatum, is at a tough age for educational apps and games. Most are too “kiddie” for a nine year old who has been playing Roblox, Minecraft and Five Nights At Freddies for the last two years. However, that’s what special about Epic Heroes and it’s parent company YoGoMe.

Yogome, has made their platform appealing to kids of all ages ranging from 5-12. That’s a lot harder to do than it sounds.

Not only did they start with a great game and app but within Epic Heroes of Knowledge there are over 500 age appropriate mini-games across; math, science, geography, languages, programming, creativity, health and sustainability.

The company was created in 2011 by Manolo Diaz and Alberto Colin. The duo just announced a $6.6 million dollar series A round led by Spanish VC firm Seaya Ventures. Variv Capital, and Endeavor Catalyst also participated. Yogome raised $3.2 million dollars in a seed round in 2016 with 500 startups and Mexican.VC participating.

YoGoMe-SS Edtech Startup Raises $6.6M For Kids Educational Mini Games

“Kids are growing up with iPads, is their new favorite toy, so parents are worried their kids will only consume entertainment content, and are looking for educational options so they can take advantage of that time,” Diaz told . “That’s exactly what we want to solve, to take some of that time and make it productive time for kids in front of mobile devices and soon available for browsers in desktops”.

Our 9 year old edtech reporter immediately noticed the difference between Epic Heroes and other kids learning games and apps, but that’s the secret sauce for Diaz and Colin. They focused on creating “an engaging story for the kids where they are the heroes who save the world with the power of their knowledge” Diaz said.

Yogome offers a freemium model. Epic Heroes Of Knowledge can be downloaded for free with 25 credits built in. After that, parents are asked to subscribe. Right now the company is offering a free trial. We’re confident that you’ll find that Epic Heroes is worth the price of the subscription.

Find out more about Yogome here and download Epic Heroes of Knowledge in the iTunes app store here.