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Fixed – The Parking Ticket App – Raises $1.2M

On Friday last week, Fixed – a Y Combinator Spring 14 Company – announced that it had closed a $1.2M Seed Round, with investments from “Y Combinator, Merus Capital, Scott Banister, John Cobbs, Mark Randolph, Matt Humphries, Eric Wu, and David King.”1 It is easy to understand why, Fixed offers an awesome service.

Fixed offers users a simple, uniform approach to fight parking tickets. One of the company’s co-founders, David Hegarty, offers a pretty good explanation behind the creation of Fixed:

After paying 4 parking tickets one morning, I came out to my car and found another 2. I nearly screamed. The tickets were complete bullshit, and I knew they had been erroneously issued. So I figured out how to contest them, collected my evidence and submitted my appeal. I won both. After that, I started contesting all my tickets, and I discovered I had a pretty good hit rate.2

After discovering that it is pretty easy to have parking tickets dismissed – Up to 50% of tickets are dismissed when challenged according to the company – it seemed like a great area for an app. The Fixed app is pretty simple and straightforward. Simply take a picture of the parking ticket and enter the violation code, and the app guides users the rest of the way, leading you through evidence collection and the grounds for contesting.

The app is currently only available in San Francisco, where it is absolutely taking off:

Recently, Fixed has opened their waitlist to the entire San Francisco metro area. 35,000 users have signed up for the service. Fixed is already processing over 1% of parking tickets issued in San Francisco, which is equal to ~$1MM per year in fines paid by San Francisco residents.3

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