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Hometown Investors Propel IoT Startup Pepper

Kansas City Startup, Pepper IoT, Raises $8.5M Series B

PepperIoT-1 Hometown Investors Propel IoT Startup Pepper

Pepper IoT is changing the world of the Internet of Things by providing an easy to understand, use and implement operating system. Pepper OS, helps both manufacturers and service providers in the connected world make on-boarding quicker by offering a world class user experience coupled with an extensible architecture.

That architecture is tile based and familiar to manufacturers, service providers and end users. By reducing the operational complexity and making their system more familiar at the onset, it shortens the time to market.

The back-end platform is robust and able to handle multiple kinds of devices and deliver data throughput faster than other systems. The user experience allows for easy to understand tiles like thermostat, security, energy, appliances etc. The system is customizable for each manufacturer and service provider making Pepper IoT a go to source for enterprise IoT implementation.

PepperIoT-2 Hometown Investors Propel IoT Startup Pepper

Late last week the company announced that they had closed an $8.5 million dollar series b round. Local Kansas City investors participated heavily in the round, signifying a commitment to keeping local startups local.

Leawood Ventures, the KCRise Fund, and Royal Street Ventures, joining current investors OpenAir Equity Partners and Comporium Communications all participated in the funding.

The Series B financing will support the launch of several consumer IoT products to include the Pepper OS launching through global mass market channels in the coming months. Pepper continues its close partnership with world-class design firm argodesign, the product design consultancy and growth partner to entrepreneurs, which has been instrumental in the strategy and design of the Pepper platform.

“It’s exciting to have an elite team of investors as well as our world-class design partner argodesign on board to help make our vision a reality,” said Scott Ford, chief executive officer of Pepper. “Our goal is to put the user experience at the center of the Internet of Things. With dozens of connected devices invading each of our lives, we need a way to manage our connected lifestyles in a way that’s easy—but also takes advantage of the interoperability across IoT devices and services. We work with large, global enterprises to develop human-centered IoT experiences—from use cases that involve single devices to complex, holistic solutions like home automation and security.”

Kansas City is fortunate that the Pepper team has chosen our region to grow its IoT technology which will change the way we harness information to improve our lives,” said Darcy Howe, managing director of the KCRise Fund. “Pepper is yet another great example of the diverse innovation happening in KC. KCRise Fund is delighted to be among its investors.”

“Pepper is a platform for our partners to build great IoT products and services in the same way that iOS and Android enable a world of complex mobile solutions and in-demand content,” said Mark Rolston, founder of argodesign and chief creative officer of Pepper. “First and foremost, we designed Pepper around a beautiful and flexible user experience, because we want people to feel that their ‘Powered by Pepper’ products fit seamlessly and intuitively into their lives. It’s how technology should be, and we’re confident it will keep our customers coming back for more.”

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