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HotSwitch Raises $300,000 For Social TV

Orlando Startup HotSwitch Raises $300,000 For Social TV

HotSwitch-top HotSwitch Raises $300,000 For Social TV

The way people watch tv has drastically changed over the last decade. The last five years we’ve seen an incredible shift from cable tv and over the air television, to OTT and binge watching. We’ve also seen an influx of additional ways to collaborate with television.

Many studios and shows are offering some kind of interaction, be it a hashtag chat on Twitter or some kind of simultaneous live stream ala Facebook or Youtube. One things for sure, people like consuming video/television content and they like to talk about it.

That’s why HotSwitch started to create a chatroom style app for tv viewers in 2015.  The Orlando based startup wants to be ground zero for television social interaction. With experience from HBO and NBCU in their founding team the company is poised to take it’s platform to the masses.

HotSwitch knows that people are using social media alongside viewing television shows. Their app encourages people to watch programs with other people. The app uses an interface that allows the interactions and discussions. It’s essentially a chatroom for tv viewing.

HotSwitch has already been through two accelerator programs. They were selected for the Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley in 2015. With the distance between Orlando and San Francisco, HotSwitch was given the opportunity to pitch Alchemist via Skype. They decided to fly out for the pitch anyway, and successfully completed it. They also participated in Orlando’s Starter Studio accelerator.

They recently closed a $300,000 seed round with undisclosed investors. Prior to this funding they had received $110,000 and then $36,000 from Alchemist.

You can check out HotSwitch here.