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iExhale Raises $1.86 Million Seed Round For Tele-Therapy

Los Angeles Startup iExhale Raises $1.86M Seed Round

iExhale-top iExhale Raises $1.86 Million Seed Round For Tele-Therapy

iExhale is a Los Angeles startup that provides tele-therapy services. When someone seeking therapy/counseling, used the company’s app they get a directory of available therapists. Patient’s can use the apps chat feature to chat with a therapist for 48 hours prior to having to start paid sessions. This gives the patient the opportunity to feel out the therapist. It also means that if the patient is just experiencing something minor they don’t have to pay for a whole session.

After the 48 hours free, patients can select a therapist to have “over the phone” sessions with at a cost of just $65 for a 45 minute session. These sessions are conducted over an encrypted phone line. From end to end the entire experience is encrypted, protected and HIPPA compliant.

“iExhale offers a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can feel supported and understood while encouraging life-affirming change,” iExhale co-founder and Chief Executive Aaron Robin said in a statement. “What we do matters greatly because far too many people still struggle to get the help they need due to distance, isolation, fear and even shame. iExhale empowers you to take control of your life with a simple and convenient way to connect with therapists and the hidden community of friends and supporters around you.”


“Finding a therapist is very difficult, so we tried to limit the barrier to entry,” Robin said. “Wouldn’t be nice if I can speak to somebody at an affordable rate at my convenience about something that is very small or something that is very large?”

The app is available only in California right now. iExhale has 18 therapists that are licensed psychologists and have been vetted thoroughly. They plan to add more therapists and scale the business to other states over the coming months.

iExhale’s focus right now are anxiety and depression, conditions that affect a more broader audience.