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Illinois Startup Inprentus Precision Optics Raises $1.5M

Kansas City’s Flyover Capital Leads $1.5M Round For Inprentus Precision Optics

flyovercapital-top Illinois Startup Inprentus Precision Optics Raises $1.5M

Champaign Illinois based startup, Inprentus Precision Optics has just lane a $1.5M round for their bad ass x-ray technology.

The company “designs and manufactures X-ray and EUV diffraction gratings for “synchrotron radiation” facilities. The technology is used for a variety of scientific and commercial applications by businesses, academic institutions and government laboratories around the world.” according to KC’s Startland News. 

Synchroton radiation can be used to study many aspects of the structure of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. This can be for anything ranging from the surface properties of semiconductor materials to the structure of protein molecules.

That was enough to get Kansas City base Flyover Ventures to lead the company’s Series A round, with Sierra Ventures and some private investors also participating.

“We were impressed by the value that Inprentus has developed with its high precision diffraction grating,” Flyover general partner Keith Molzer said in a release. “With revenue growing steadily and an experienced team in place, we immediately saw that Inprentus was the type of investment opportunity we were looking for as we believe it highlights the innovative technology startups coming out of the US mid-west region.”

Flyover is investing in companies to help create the next generation of technology success stories in the flyover region. They have a wide ranging portfolio including; Abodo, Agrible, Bulu Box, ClaimKit, EyeVerify, Innara Health, Opendorse and Site1001.

Flylover was created in 2014 and typically invests between $500,000 and $3,000,000 in their portfolio companies.

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