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EdTech Startup KickUp Raises Another $730,000 For Impactful Professional Development PD

After Relocating To Philadelphia, EdTech Startup Kickup Has Raised An Additional $730,000 For More Impactful Professional Development

kickup-team EdTech Startup KickUp Raises Another $730,000 For Impactful Professional Development PD

Teachers are supposed to be lifelong learners. Most teachers spend their entire lives in the classroom, first as students, then as teachers. However, most teachers feel slighted in the way that professional development, or PD, is done today.

Most teachers end up one of two types of PD. The first type is a cattle call of sorts. A district or school will decide to have a professional development day. They’ll herd all of their teachers together in one room, and teach them all the same thing. The problem with that approach is that the content often times irrelevant to more than half of the teachers in the room.

The second type of PD is supposed to be individualized, but really it’s more isolated. Teachers do some kind of “one size fits all” professional development online, alone and off on an island by themselves. Very rarely do either of types of professional development offer any kind of feedback loop to the teacher. Rarely do actionable improvements in teaching for the teacher or the learner actually occur.

Enter Kickup.

Kickup is an edtech startup that’s found a new, better and data driven way to do professional development. A great number of teachers are using a learning management system and a student information system thats able to provide them with actionable results driven data on each and every one of their students. Kickup offers the same kind of data to teachers on themselves and for their administrators and coaches.

Kickup starts with the region or district’s goals. From there the online platform is able to make sure that professional development efforts, the professional development team and instructional coaches are all  working toward the same goal. Robust analytical data is able to assess how far teachers are progressing in their own development. Does this feel familiar? It should, as many LMS systems and partnered data platforms are giving that same kind of data back on students.

From there Kickup helps schools, districts and regions identify the meaningful next steps. Then after the steps are taken, reports are generated making sense of all the data collected. Finally it’s all pulled together through Kickup’s intuitive graphical interface that provides a clear narrative for administrators and instructional leaders.

Kickup, a graduate of Richmond Virginia’s Light House Labs accelerator, recently moved to Philadelphia. The center city company also just closed another $730,00 in seed funding from Red House Education. This is in addition to $1.5M the company previously raised.

“We raised some additional seed capital to allow us to accelerate hiring and launch a new suite of event management tools in time for the upcoming school year,” Kickup co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Rogoff told Philly.  The company plans to use that money to add a few additional team members and roll out additional features.

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