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KidPass The Startup That Cures Childhood Boredom Raises $5.1 Million

New York Startup KidPass Raises $5.1 Million

KidPass-Top KidPass The Startup That Cures Childhood Boredom Raises $5.1 Million

Several startups have tried to cure boredom for children through activity picking. Earlier this year we reported on Boulder startup Cubspot, a platform that connected parents with summer camps and other such activities for kids. They recently announced a shut down, effective at the end of this month.

KidPass is another startup linking parents to activities for their kids. KidPass started in New York city where users can pay a monthly fee and have access to all their offerings. Then they and their kids can try a wide variety of activities across the city. Users pay $49 per month for access to the system which also comes with 10 activity credits per month so they can go do the activities without shelling out anymore money. Unused activity credits rollover.  The activity credits alone end up being worth around $150 per month, sometimes more.  There are also more robust plans, for instance, bigger families may opt for $189 Power Plan which includes 50 activity credits. Those unused credits rollover for 90 days.

KidPass offers access to classes ranging from academic to Minecraft, yoga to pottery and everything in between. KidPass membership also gives users access to discounts at restaurants and retail stores that cater to kids.

The founders of KidPass, Solomon Liou, Aaron Kaufman, Chhay Chhun, and Olivia Ballve’ created KidPass after becoming parents themselves and finding there was no other service like it available.

“While there were mobile apps to instantly book restaurants, doctors, and taxis on-demand, there wasn’t anything like that for kids’ activities,”  Liou told “In fact, the main way that parents discover kids classes today is still through word of mouth from talking to other parents, or using Google Search and going through page after page of results. It’s time consuming and difficult to navigate, with many businesses not even having a presence online,” he adds.

Late last week the company announced that they had raised $5.1 million dollars in Series A funding.  The round was led by Javelin Venture Partners. CoVenture, Y Combinator, TIA Ventures, Bionic Fund, Cocoon Ignite Ventures and FJ Labs, among others participated as well. KidPass plans to use the money to expand their services to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago.

Check out KidPass here.