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Lensabl The Eye Lens Startup, Secures More Funding

Los Angeles Startup Lensabl Secures New Funding

Lensabl-top Lensabl The Eye Lens Startup, Secures More Funding

If you’re thinking that Lensabl is just another Warby Parker you’re wrong. The Los Angeles startup is helping people who break their favorite pair of lenses but the frames are still intact. With a name like Lenasabl of course they are about the lenses.

Lensabl makes it easier for you to get your favorite glasses (optical or sun frames) looking brand new in no time! Our model not only makes replacing damaged lenses simple and affordable (often, at half the cost of any competitor), but customizing your favorite frames with new lenses, approachable and hassle free.” the company told us in an interview.

Lensabl started out as a frame company but at the urging of customers they went into the lens business. “we were selling fashion forward frames for an affordable price, direct-to-consumer. Shortly after the company took off, customers started requesting the ability to order frames with the proper prescription lenses. Customers complained about the high prices and inconvenience associated with stores such as Lenscrafters and Costco to fill their prescriptions – So, we studied the market and learned who was controlling a large portion of the market, and how they were able to keep the prices so high. Essentially, we learned that intermediaries were hiking of costs. So, we decided to start Lensabl – so we could offer affordable, high quality lenses to more people.” the company said.

Last year the company launched their prescription lens business, which is taking off.“it simple and affordable for consumers to get new lenses in frames they already own.”

In addition to prescription lenses they also offer non-prescription lenses and blue light blocking “computer” lenses which make it easier to look at the computer screen longer. They are also developing a technology that could give an eye exam online in the near future.

The terms of the funding weren’t disclosed. The round was led by Amplify L.A. and Luma Launch along with angel investor JJ List.

You can check out Lensabl here. 

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