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Myrtle Beach Startup Incubator Has First Big Raise With KidsCanGiveToo

KidsCanGivetoo-1 Myrtle Beach Startup Incubator Has First Big Raise With KidsCanGiveTooIt’s great when we hear the story of a newer startup community, incubator or accelerator getting their first raise but when it’s a socially driven startup it’s a bigger win, and if it involves kids it’s a home run.

Kids registries for gifts are a thing now. How much of a thing? Enough to be featured on the Today Show and in the New York Post.   As you can imagine a kids gift registry is just as it sounds. It’s a website designed for the affluent millennial who doesn’t have time to go Target to pick out a gift much less brush their teeth. This new category of websites makes the child’s birthday party even more impersonal. Except for one. And of course, that one is the first startup in Myrtle Beach South Carolina’s startup incubator, Startup.SC.

KidsCanGiveToo is a website that helps the birthday party child collect money instead of presents, to give to charity.

The child and the parents select an organization to give the funds too. Then, as the child invites guests to the party the party go-ers are encouraged to donate to the cause in the child’s name. Then the child receives a portion of the collected funds in the form of a Visa gift card so that they can go to the store and get a couple really meaningful gifts.

KidsCanGiveToo takes the worry and hassle out of finding the right gift for a birthday child and alleviates that awkward feeling when the child receives the same gift from one if not two of their friends. KidsCanGiveToo also helps those millennials that are too busy to go to Target to pick out a gift. They don’t even need to go find something on the registry, just make the donation and voila.

Finally, KidsCanGiveToo provides a gateway to educate the birthday child and their guests on the importance of charitable giving.

With such an awesome mission you would think this startup was founded on one of the coasts or at the least, Austin Texas. Nope. KidsCanGiveToo was incubated in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and it’s the first of their startups to get funded. reports that KidsCanGiveToo raised $325,000 from angel investors. The company hopes to hire on their first three employees and to host 1,000 parties a month this year.

Co-Founders and Sisters, Barb Royal and Joan Buehler come from a long line of entrepreneurs tracing their entrepreneurial heritage back to turn of the century New Jersey where their grandfather was one of the first Arnold Bread Truck Owner Operators.

“We are really pleased to see how far she has come, but we are even more excited to see the tremendous impact she will have on this region in the very near future. If she succeeds in holding a little more than 6,000 Birthday parties, she has the potential to give over a million dollars to charity. We love having on our team as we push forward with our goal to create resources to diversify the economic landscape of the Grand Strand.” – Ryan Smith, Executive Director of Startup.SC.