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Innovative New Biotech Company, Emulate, Launches with $12m Round

On Monday, July 28, an incredibly interesting Cambridge, MA biotech company launched. The new company, Emulate, Inc., official launched with news of a sizable Series A round:

Emulate, Inc. today announced the company’s launch with a $12 million Series A financing to commercialize a first-in-kind, automated ‘Organs-on-Chips’ platform that mimics human physiology and diseases, while permitting real-time elucidation of molecular mechanisms of action and toxicity.1

The Organs-on-Chips platform is one of the most unique biotech innovations we have come across in some time. The Organs-on-Chips platform has a huge amount of possible applications within the medical field. The company’s CEO, James Coon, gave a good overview of some of these possible applications and the overall significance of the platform in a statement:

Emulate’s Organs-on-Chips platform provides, for the first time, a window into the inner-workings of human organs without having to invade a living body…Our unique automated Organs-on-Chips approach to human bioemulation opens up entirely new possibilities to develop products with enhanced properties, improved efficacy and safety, and personalization to patients and consumers. The company will focus on key strengths of integrating design, biology and engineering to create revolutionary products. We are launching Emulate to be a leader in advancing innovative product design across multiple industries including drug development, healthcare, agriculture and consumer health.2

Here is a good look at the Organs-on-Chips platform, and some of the possible use cases.