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Atlanta Startup Has Big Launch Festival

REscour-a Atlanta Startup Has Big Launch FestivalGood data in the commercial real estate world is very hard to find. That’s something we realized when we first met Atlanta startup REscour at last years ATDC tech event in Atlanta. REscour takes data points from several different silos and puts them into an easy to understand dashboard for CRE’s, brokers and others in the commercial real estate world.

There are plenty of data sources for residential real estate, but  there’s no Zilow, Trulia or centralized MLS system for commercial real estate where there are just as many leases as there are purchases.

While it sounds a bit boring, the team behind REscour is sharp, as we learned last year in this video.

After getting a seed investment from angel investor, startup ambassador and founder of the Launch Festival, Jason Calacanis, the stage was set for REscour to appear at the Launch Festival. They pretty much have stayed out of the limelight that’s been shining on Atlanta to the likes of YikYak and other big raises.

Now, the guys were gearing up for a ride of their lives as co-founder Chris Lexmond chronicles on Medium.

REscour didn’t just get a chance to pitch at one of the biggest startup events in the Bay Area they also ended up taking home the best B2B prize. They couldn’t win the entire festival because they were an investment of Jason Calacanis’ and that kind of thing only happens at Disrupt.

Once they got back to the right coast (no literally look at a map), the REscour team had plenty of work to do, including letting the world know that they had raised $1.3 million dollars in a seed round led by Calacanis. Commercial real estate is really a black box, it’s super opaque and it’s hard to get the information,” Calacanis said in a statement. “REscour is a data-driven company that’s hyper focused on getting complete and accurate data and I love these kinds of businesses.”

In addition to Calacanis’ Launch Fund, AngelList Syndicate, TechSquare Labs, Mosley Ventures, Tom Cousins’ Nonami Investments, President of ARA Blake Okland, and former CEO of Chip Perry also participated in the round.

Here watch their Launch Festival Video: