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Texas, We Have Crowdfunding

MassVentureHeading Texas, We Have CrowdfundingMassventure, a new crowdfuding for equity platform, has been approved as Texas’ first equity crowdfunding portal. This means that investors both accredited and non-accredited can now participate in crowdfunding for equity using MassVenture.

Right now MassVenture has seen a handful of real estate investing projects prepare for launch on the platform, but it’s ready for any kind of equity crowdfunding that takes place in Texas with Texas based companies.

“This is unprecedented that all Texas investors, regardless of their financial status, can access direct ownership of local and community based investment,” Nathan Roach, MassVenture’s Co-Founder and CEO  said in a release. “We are honored and excited to be Texas’ first and only approved equity crowdfunding portal.”

The Texas State Securities Board moved swiftly to adopt the rules and regulations around crowdfunding for equity in Texas. Non-accredited investors can now invest up to $5,000 per offering with no limits. Projects, startups, companies, etc can raise up to $1 million dollars a year using this crowdfunding vehicle.

“We believe equity crowdfunding will catalyze new and wider prosperity, entrepreneurship and job growth in Texas,” Roach said. “With a population of more than 26 million, Texas is a massive market for companies wishing to raise capital through crowdfunding, and MassVenture serves as a great gateway for all Texans to participate in funding growth in their communities and the state at large.”

Spearheaded by experts in the legal, technology, banking and economic development fields, MassVenture has grown fast, with entrepreneurs and investors equally enthusiastic about the platform.

Amir Mirabi, most recently Governor Perry’s Director of Small Businessicon1 Texas, We Have Crowdfunding, has joined MassVenture as VP of Business Development and expressed equal excitement about the industry.

“Capital sourcing, cost and readiness have long been challenges for growing Texas businesses,” Mirabi said. “The new [crowdfunding] rules allow portals like MassVenture to level the playing field for skilled entrepreneurs seeking funds, and smart investors seeking returns.”

Texas is ripe with startup culture. Hubs in Austin, Dallas and Houston have been at the forefront of the startups “everywhere else” movement. Now, people who may not have $1 million dollars in liquid assets outside of their primary residence, can participate in funding for equity both in the windfalls and losses.

More and more states are creating or sanctioning crowdfunding platforms.

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