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Threshold 360 Raises $500,000 To Help People Cross The Threshold

Tampa Bay Startup Threshold 360 Raises $500,000 From Jeff Vinik, Tom Wallace And More

Threshold-top Threshold 360 Raises $500,000 To Help People Cross The Threshold

Back in 2012 we brought you the story of Tampa Bay entrepreneur Jordan Raynor and his startup, Citizinvestor. The company sought to help crowdfund community based projects like playgrounds, gardens, swimming pools and basketball courts. He went off the radar for a little while but has since surfaced as part of the Threshold 360 team.

The idea for his latest startup came when he was at a Potbelly sandwich shop in Washington DC. The Tampa Bay Times reports that he was at the restaurant with his wife and daughter and noticed a volleyball tame casing the joint. It was obvious to him the group had never been to a Potbelly restaurant before. However after checking it out they decided to eat. That was the “a-ha” moment. It’s those pivotal seconds when someone makes a decision whether or not to try an establishment.

“There’s so much information you capture in that millisecond that you cross the threshold and enter in a space,” Raynor told The Times.

Tampa Bay’s Ben Robbins and Stewart Bertron started Threshold 360 two years ago in stealth mode.  Raynor has since joined the team and they’ve come out with their platform that gives users 360 videos of restaurants, bars, hotels and retail establishments. Using the Threshold platform, someone can quickly view an establishment and decide if they want to go, or not.  The company officially launched two weeks ago at South By Southwest Interactive in Austin.

In the two years the company has amassed over 60,000 360 videos with 9,000 coming from the Tampa Bay area. They used a network of about 20 “creators” who help shoot the videos and upload the content.

They’ve also raised $500,000 in seed capital since the beginning of March, according to an SEC filing. The Times reports that Vinik, Wallace and local investment firm Murray-Bertron all participated in the round.

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