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Silicon Valley’s Khosla Ventures Back Phoenix Startup

Phoenix Startup WanderJaunt Attracts Big Name Silicon Valley Investors

wanderjaunt-top Silicon Valley's Khosla Ventures Back Phoenix Startup

WanderJaunt is hoping to build a mini hotel chain via short term rental platforms like AirBnb, and VRBO. The company works with property owners to essentially manage the properties they are already marketing on sites like AirBnB. Through a variety of furnishings and accommodations provided by the startup, guests can count on the same reliable experience where they see the WanderJaunt name.

Not quite sure what we mean?

If you’ve used AirBnB on more than one occasion chances are you’ve had a great experience but the experience wasn’t the same at each place. Maybe the sheets weren’t the right thread count (to some folks that matters), the towels were too hard or the internet was too slow. Because WanderJaunt is furnishing each property the same way, you’ll be able to count on the same amenities every time you book at a WanderJaunt listing.WanderJaunt has formed partnerships with a lot of the companies that are providing the furnishings, giving them discounts and other support.

The company has Silicon Valley roots but as a boot strapped startup they chose to launch out of Phoenix Arizona because of the resources and much lower cost of living and operating. While bootstrapping it TechCrunch reports that they’ve relied mostly on outbound sales, which has garnered them over 700 stays across 200 guests, all with glowing reviews. That at least proves the model is working.

Khosla Ventures, who’s known around the valley as “the unicorn spotter” for finding startups likely to produce big exits, led a $2 million dollar funding round for WanderJaunt which also included SV Angel, The House Fund and Global Founders Capital participation.

They plan on using the money to firm up their service in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona and then expand

“Michael Chen and the team at WanderJaunt are just the latest success story to prove that Phoenix is the best community for taking a risk and testing out a new business idea,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said. “This funding is going to help WanderJaunt create jobs in our community, expand into other markets, and perhaps most importantly, show that investment flows to great ideas.”

“In Phoenix, we have an affordable opportunity to try out new ideas, something that both housing and office costs in San Francisco make too expensive,” Chen said. “When starting a business, you have so many things going against you, that you don’t need high costs to be another obstacle.”

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