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How to Kill a Dragon in Minecraft

Ender Dragon is a mob living in the Edge. It can destroy the blocks on its way. The Dragon of the Edge is a huge black dragon with burning purple eyes. This is the biggest mob in the game. Parts of his wings are dark gray. Like the wanderers of the Edge and the spiders, its eyes and mouth are visible even in total darkness, so that it can be seen from anywhere in the initial island.

The Dragon of Edge appears in the Edge as soon as the first player enters it. He will be at any level of complexity, including a peaceful one, but at this level of difficulty, the dragon won’t be able to directly damage the player. If you want to know more info in order to protect yourself, read more about dragons on

enderdragon-1 How to Kill a Dragon in Minecraft

With Update 1.0.0, the Edge Dragon spits out the Edge Acid. It has a violet-colored texture of a fireball, like particles around the Wanderers of the Edge, and, the eyes and mouth of the Dragon of Edge, the portal to the Lower World.

In Xbox 360, the acid burns the blocks, as are the shells of the gas, but the fire has a purple texture. Unlike conventional shells, the dragon’s ball cannot be repelled. Can destroy blocks placed by the player.

In the PC version, the acid leaves a cloud of violet particles after the explosion, causing significant damage. If you use a flask on it, you can get a dragon breath. The direct hit of the acid probe of the Edge is deadly.

The pocket edition has red particles after the explosion.

Sometimes a dragon sits on a deactivated portal into the ordinary world and starts spilling out the acid flow in front of him, sometimes spinning to change the “firing area”.

If you run out of dragon breath or for some other reason you want to fight the dragon of the Edge again, you will need 4 Crystal Edge. Put 1 on each side of the return portal. Don’t forget to remove the dragon egg from the portal, otherwise, it will disappear forever. The restoration of the obsidian pillars and the resurrection of the boss will begin. Portal in the normal world will turn off.

enderdragon-2 How to Kill a Dragon in Minecraft

If you decide to kill the dragon, you should know a few tips:

  • charms on fire on arms won’t help you – the dragon of the edge is not afraid of fire or lava;
  • erecting a tower around itself is useless, the mob can break all the blocks, except for the edge stone and obsidian;
  • wear the strongest armor that you have, since killing a dragon in the end world is not so easy.

You can take snowballs with you, as they harm the mob.

The additional complexity that will arise in front of you when you decide to kill the ender of the dragon in Minecraft is that the mob can restore its health by charging from the crystals.

That is why, first of all, you need to destroy the crystals. Only bow and arrows can destroy the crystals. You can’t rise and smash them with a pickaxe, the crystal explodes, and you can be killed by an explosion, or the blast wave will throw off the tower.

However, be careful here, since killing the dragon in Minecraft is rather difficult because it constantly attacks, and so it won’t stand and watch as you destroy the crystals, the mob will actively try to kill you.

Moreover, the dragon is not only flinging shells, which demolish 10 HP from you, but also tries to push you from the Edge, and also – can throw to a huge height, dropping from which, you will wake up already in the ordinary world. In addition, don’t look at the Wanderers of the Edge, they will also attack you if you pay attention to them.

You can use this tactic when killing a dragon:

  1. Break the crystals with the bow.
  2. You also try to inflict damage on the ender of a dragon with that bow.
  3. In order the arrows don’t end, it is better to take a bow, enchanted to infinity.
  4. Actively move around the world of the Ender, but beware of the edges, since the dragon can take advantage of this and throw you off.

enderdragon3 How to Kill a Dragon in Minecraft

The Dragon of the Edge explodes in the rays of violet light, flying vertically up to a height of 128, cracking (it gradually loses the pixels of the texture and becomes transparent) and glowing from within. From it drops out a lot of spheres of experience, all of them together are able to raise a player who has no experience, to level 36. Some of the spheres fall into the spa in the Upper Peace Portal. Of the following dragons, regenerated with the Crystals of the Edge, there will be only 500 experience, and the dragon’s egg won’t drop out.

After his death, the reverse portal with the dragon egg on top is also activated. At the entrance to the portal, titles begin. First, they represent a philosophical conversation, and then the titles are already directed. After viewing the credits, the player returns to the Upper World to the spawn point. Captions can be viewed again by going into the portal, and also by ESC. The player can return to the Edge after defeating the dragon through the same portal in the fortress.

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