Anker Brings Back The Pico Projector In An Amazing Cola Can Sized Pocket Cinema

nebula-capsule-top Anker Brings Back The Pico Projector In An Amazing Cola Can Sized Pocket CinemaCapsule Is The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema

The folks at Anker won’t stop innovating. It wasn’t too long ago that we wrote about their Alexa and Google Assistant infused speakers. They promised this year that they would bring out a suite of smart products that will not only improve your life through technology but are also backed by Anker’s commitment to craftsmanship and battery life. Yes, Anker, the company behind some of the best backup batteries in the world, has done it again.

The company has taken to Indiegogo to bring back the pico projector, or in the case of the U.S. make the pico projector relevant. You can find pint sized pico projectors at your neighborhood Brookstone. Those devices are just mini projectors that still require unsightly cables, and if they’re battery operated, they often don’t have the capacity to even last a full movie. That’s what Anker wants you to do with Capsule by Nebula.

Capsule by Nebula is a Coca Cola can sized Pocket Cinema. Aptly named because it’s so much more than a traditional pico projector. When designing the Capusle the Nebula team (an Anker brand) wanted to create the easiest to use projection device so you could enjoy your mobile content without sacrificing picture size or sound quality.

They started with 360° speaker with a bass and treble booster. Then they cut 9,000 holes in the grill so no matter where you’re listening to the Capsule you get the same crisp sound.  On the projection side they’ve added a 100 Lumens projection system with IntelliBright technology offering an optimal picture up to 100 inches.

nebula-capsule-2 Anker Brings Back The Pico Projector In An Amazing Cola Can Sized Pocket CinemaAll of this is firmly set in place so you and your family can enjoy content on a wall, a ceiling, the side of a truck, wherever you happen to be. Now speaking of content, Anker has added Android 7.0 to the Capsule which means you can use it to display content from any streaming app, any Android app or even mirror your mobile devices screen. This means not only can you watch the latest Netflix but you can even do an elevator pitch, with slides, on the freaking elevator.

With Android 7.0 the Capsule becomes a smart Pocket Cinema that rivals the latest set top boxes and smart tvs. At the size of a soda can you can take it with you anywhere you want. It’s even the ultimate companion to the ultra portable Nintendo Switch. It’s no wonder they’ve already busted through their $50,000 Indiegogo goal at over $466,000 at press time.

You can pre-order your Capsule for $269 or bundle it with an Anker power supply for $299 here.   And just in case you didn’t know, Anker is an established company that’s one of the biggest Amazon sellers in the world, so there’s no worries about backing their Indiegogo campaign.

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