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Turn Your Favorite Pair Of Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers [GEAR]

Amped-Box Turn Your Favorite Pair Of Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers [GEAR]Are you a stickler for a good sounding set of speakers? Does it bother you that the Beats Pill sounds like crap but since it says Beats on it they sell millions of units? Does your old school set of analog speakers sound great but won’t easily adapt to your new way of serving music (your smartphone or tablet)? Have you ever wished you could turn any pair of speakers into Bluetooth speakers?

Well that’s just what you can do with the Amped Wireless Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter, BTSA1.

Amped-XT Turn Your Favorite Pair Of Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers [GEAR]The BTSA1 syncs with your Bluetooth enabled device, whether it be a smartphone, media player, tablet or computer, once the paired device enters it’s vicinity. I can easily park my car, walk into the house and then sync immediately with the BTSA1 and continue the song I was listening to in the car.

The BTSA1 comes in handy not only with typical at home speaker solutions, but we were able to easily hook it to our in-home audio system’s receiver and add the ability to stream audio throughout the house. This made it possible to listen to my iPhone’s music while in our pool via our outdoor speaker system.

The very non-obtrusive box and antenna were able to serve up a static and interference free listening experience.

We really put the BTSA1 unit to the test, hooking it up at one point to a Bose L1 system and other cool audiophile gear. Now our audiophile friends insist there’s some high frequency loss in Bluetooth streaming, but not anything normal people would notice.

The BTSA 1, or the Long Range Bluetooth Speaker Adapter, comes with the device, a small screw on antenna, and a power adapter. It’s super easy to connect to any audio output source, even a device with a 3.5mm jack.

Other solutions to turn regular speakers into Bluetooth speakers have proven to be rather costly. The BTSA1 can be yours at Amazon or Best Buy for under $60.