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Ankering The Future Of The Smart Home And The Smart Assistant

anker-eufy-top Ankering The Future Of The Smart Home And The Smart Assistant

Anker Introducing New Wave of Smart Home and Alexa Smart Assistant Products

Anker is one of the largest and most respected consumer electronics brands you will find on Amazon. They’ve literally re-written the book on portable batteries and charging accessories for the home and car. Their position has always been clear: make great, affordable products that consumers love.

Today, Anker is expanding that same philosophy into consumer electronics, with the introduction of their Eufy smart home and Zolo smart audio products.

Eufy is their smart home line and is focused on developing products that will simplify the smart home experience by making it more affordable and accessible to consumers. This includes the recently launched Eufy Genie, a smart home hub and speaker with built-in Alexa voice services. Anker says they will be launching a number of Eufy smart devices and appliances that can be controlled through Alexa voice services including everything from lights and robovacs to home monitoring and protection.

ZOLO is Anker’s smart audio brand. Zolos focused on premium wireless headphones and indoor and outdoor smart speakers. This includes a forthcoming line of Alexa powered speakers called the Zolo Halo which, they say, will combine incredible audio, on-device support for popular music streaming services and Alexa voice controls making it easier for consumers to play music, answer their questions and control an ever-growing number of Alexa compatible smart devices.

For smart AI to really take off, this technology needs to be ubiquitous and available in more places including the home, the car and even headphones and portable devices. And this is exactly what Amazon seems to be doing: working with leading consumer electronic partners such as Anker to put Alexa everywhere.

Anker has a unique product development philosophy so it’s exciting to see them bring this to the smart AI space.

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