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Circle Gets Smarter With Alexa and IFTTT Integration

circle-top Circle Gets Smarter With Alexa and IFTTT IntegrationCircle With Disney, The Smart Family Platform, Just Got Smarter With Alexa Integration and IFTTT

Circle With Disney is the popular smart monitoring solution that allows families to keep up with their kids internet habits. While there are several devices on the market for content filtering, Circle puts all the controls smart families need to enabled their children to have appropriate, positive experiences with their connected devices.

Circle allows families to set up time limits, content filtering and even a rewards system that will allow their children to earn screen time. The best part about Circle is you don’t need a degree in computer science to set it up. Circle was designed for busy parents and takes just five minutes for set up.

Circle Go expands the filtering, content and rewards tools outside of the home through 4G/LTE allowing parents to ensure that while their children aren’t at home they’re still subject to the same rules.

Kids don’t feel excluded with Circle. They can download their own Circle app that gives them access to a wide range of Disney content. And of course, they can’t change the settings their parents have made from their app.

Earlier this month Circle announced that their platform is now, even smarter. Circle with Disney will connect to Alexa giving parents voice control over popular features. Parents can ask about limits, filters and even usage. “Alexa how long has Bobby watched YouTube this month” is an example of a command parents can use with the new Alexa integration. Did your kids just ace a math test? Parents can ask Alexa to give their kids bonus time on their devices.

The Alexa integration isn’t limited to the parents either. Kids can use Alexa to ask how much time they have left , what time is bedtime and more.

Connecting with IFTTT gives Circle even more functionality. Parents can set up IFTTT commands like “If it’s sunny outside between 3 and 5pm limit access to Johnny’s devices” encouraging the kids to go out and play. The reverse command could be set up as well, now if it’s raining outside, through IFTTT Circle can give the children more time.

“These 2 latest integrations represent a major leap forward for the smart family,” said Lance Charlish, chief executive officer, Circle Media, Inc. “By integrating more naturally into ways in which families are already using technology, these Connections offer easy ways to not only keep screen time in check but ensure the family is practicing healthy habits.”

These latest Connections join the FamilyTech’s apps, “MotherShp,” “ChoreMonster,” and “Landra,” to give kids the opportunity to earn screen time by doing the chores they’re already completing. By completing tasks, they’re able to be rewarded with extended time limits on their devices and even late bedtimes, effectively making screen time a form of currency. FamilyTech’s integration into Circle Connections can be found at

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