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Dad’s and Grads Need A Place For Their Apple Watch, Kanex Delivers

Dad’s and Grads 2017: Kanex ‘s New Charging Stand For Apple Watch and iPhone Makes A Great Gift

kanex-watch-stand-1 Dad's and Grads Need A Place For Their Apple Watch, Kanex Delivers

Some dad’s will get iPhones this year for Father’s Day. Some grads will get Apple Watches for graduation. One things for sure, when you get an Apple Watch you already have an iPhone. Why not have a place to stand and charge both devices? That’s what Kanex delivers with their new charging stand for Apple Watch and iPhone.

The GoPower Watch stand takes a minimalistic approach to charging and holding the two devices, an approach that true Apple fans will find appealing. The watch rests on a circular stand that has the inductive charging port built into it. While the watch is resting in place it’s also charging up for the night. There’s also a USB outlet on the back of the stand designed to charge your iPhone, regardless of model. Just plug your iPhone cord’s USB plug into the stand itself and voila it’s charging. The GoPower Watch stand looks perfect on an end table or dreser.

“The Apple Watch, as with all Apple products, was designed with elegance in mind, and the Kanex GoPower Watch Stand is no different,” said Andrew Truong of Kanex. “It features a smart minimalist design that elevates the Apple Watch for a convenient viewing angle, while also eliminating cable clutter. Plus, with an additional USB port on the back, our Kanex GoPower Watch Stand is the perfect all-in-one solution.”

GoPower Watch Stand Features:

Kanex-watch-stand-2 Dad's and Grads Need A Place For Their Apple Watch, Kanex DeliversIntegrated Charger
Unlike other stands and docks, Kanex GoPower Watch Stand already comes integrated with the same magnetic charging connector that comes with your Apple Watch. Now you can use your other charger at the office, in your car or while traveling.

Smart Design
The low profile, compact design of Kanex GoPower Watch not only charges your Apple Watch but can also charge your iPhone so you can keep both devices together, powered and ready to go.

Bedside Charging
Kanex GoPower Watch Stand is ideal on your bedside table for safe, overnight charging. Simply place your Apple Watch on the stand. The magnetic charger securely holds your watch in place and automatically starts charging.

Apple Certified
GoPower Watch Stand is Apple MFi Certified, which means it’s specifically made to fit with your Apple Watch and iPhone, so you can expect quality performance and reliability.

New GoPower Plus Colors
Now available in Rose Gold and Matte Black, the GoPower Plus is a is a premium portable power solution featuring built-in micro USB cable with an Apple Certified Lightning adapter for use with both Apple and Android devices. Packed with 8,000 mAh of power, GoPower Plus’s slim yet durable battery is capable of delivering two FAST full charges to your latest iOS or Android smartphones, while an extra USB port allows an additional device to charge simultaneously.

The GoPower Watch Stand is available here for $59.99