Gear: Anker Solidifies Move Into Connected Home With Zolo Mojo Speaker

anker-zolo-mojo-top Gear: Anker Solidifies Move Into Connected Home With Zolo Mojo SpeakerGoogle Assistant Comes In A Variety Of Speakers From A Variety Of Companies

When Google announced their Google Home and Google Assistant we knew that you would be able to find it on a wide variety of devices from an equally wide variety of manufacturers.  Anker, the leader in power bank technology, continues to innovate in the connected home and IoT space. That continues with the introduction of the Zolo Mojo Speaker.

Zolo Mojo is is a new WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 speaker that incorporates Google Assistant. While it’s a more affordable version of the Google Home speaker, it should be known that Anker makes products known to last. For instance, we have a bunch of power banks here that are over 4 years old and have never failed us.

Zolo Mojo will set you back less than $70 and offer the same “OK Google” functionality found in other Google Assistant enabled devices. That means you can ask “OK Google, what’s on TV tonight” and get an answer. All Google Assistant devices incorporate with other Google devices like the Nest thermostat so if you say “OK Google, make it warmer in here” your thermostat will go up.  It also supports Google Cast so if you want your speaker to change what’s on your TV it’s a done deal.

On the speaker side of things Zolo Mojo packs it has a 5 watt speaker inside which is similar to the Eufy Genie speaker that they company just released that has Amazon’s Alexa built in. The speaker features two on board microphones. Panasonic, MobVoi, Sony and JBL also introduced Google Assistant speakers, but The Verge called Zolo Mojo, “The one to pay attention to”.

The sub $70 speaker will be available in October just in time for the holidays. Anker says that they are working on an entire line of products that will integrate Google Assistant.