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So What If It’s 2017, Store All Your Photos In A Shoebox

kwilt-Shoebox-top So What If It's 2017, Store All Your Photos In A ShoeboxCalifornia Startup, Kwilt, Wants You To Store All Your Photos In A Shoebox

One of my closest girlfriends is always buying the most expensive iPhone. Not because she has to have the latest and greatest in technology but because she needs the most memory. This girl has over 10,000 photos on her phones memory dating back to at least 2010. It’s no wonder because when we were growing up her mom, and my mom for that matter had shoe box, upon shoe box upon shoe box filled with photos. Would I be remiss to say that it’s actually fun to sit down on the floor and go through tons of photos?

Well take a look around, all the Ritz camera one hour photos are gone, heck you can’t even get film developed onto an actual print at Walmart anymore. Everything is digital and more and more people are even ditching expensive digital cameras to go the way of their phone.

Do you remember trying to take pictures on a cell phone in 2005, they were so grainy. But today, it seems most smartphone developers have the talking and texting technology maxed out so they put tons of development into the cameras. I swear my own iPhone 7 Plus has a better camera than my $1000 DSLR I picked up two years ago.

I’m one of those people that believes you shouldn’t have to discard photos that you want to keep just to make more room on your storage device. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to keep paying more for cloud storage. There are risks involved in cloud storage can someone say SonyStyle or the original PhotoBucket? Where are my photos from 2002 people?

Kwilt is in the same camp. Photos belong to the user, the photographer and whether or not they are kept shouldn’t be at the hands of some technology company. At least not a smart phone manufacturer.

Kwilt, the makers of the Kwilt Personal Photo Platform unveiled the Kwilt Shoebox Personal Storage Appliance at the Mobile World Congress Americas Conference in San Francisco ahead of today’s anticipated iPhone launch.

kwilt-shoebox-device So What If It's 2017, Store All Your Photos In A ShoeboxThe new low-power home IoT device offers a private and flexible alternative to public cloud storage for personal photos and videos while the latest version of the Kwilt mobile applications build on the Kwilt award winning cloud, social and home personal media aggregation platform by adding video support and instant phone memories offload through a refreshed user interface.

“Consumers should not have to choose which photos or videos to delete to free up space on their smartphone, nor should they keep paying ever increasing cloud storage monthly fees” said Marc- Antoine Benglia, CEO of Kwilt, “With the Kwilt® Shoebox, they can easily offload their mobile memories to the privacy of their home and access them from anywhere, anytime.”

And obviously I totally agree.

We know there are a variety of devices that do similar things available today but Kwilt has created the Shoebox to be extremely user friendly when it comes to photos.


• Offload phone photos and videos seamlessly on the go
• Enjoy unlimited mobile storage sitting safe at home
• Keep original full resolution photos and videos
• Access your photos and videos from anywhere, on any platform • No monthly fee


• Store and access any file type
• Easy photo and video sharing
• Rich mobile photo editing
• Play your photos and videos on your TV (via Kwilt Shoebox HDMI port) • Directly order custom photo prints from your phone

• Web, Windows and Mac compatibility
• Free Android and iOS apps
• Support for multiple Shoeboxes per account and multiple users per Shoebox

The Shoebox goes on sale October 24th for the extremely affordable price of just $49.99 and the company will open it up to pre-orders starting next week on September 18th.

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