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Meet Sadie And Ella The Newest Premium Headphones From Blue [CES 2017]




Blue Introduces Two New Premium Headphones At CESElla1 Meet Sadie And Ella The Newest Premium Headphones From Blue [CES 2017]


Even though NAMM is next week, CES is never short on great audio gear. At the Digital Experience event as part of CES 2017 we got a chance to check in with Blue. You may be familiar with their line of professional grade USB microphones. Just about every good blogger and podcaster has used Blue’s Yeti or Snowball microphones.

Blue has been an innovator in audio technology for over two decades. When they bring a product to market, or in this case two, they put them through a rigorous research and development process. Their audio gear, be it microphones or headphones, is always top of the line and sounds amazing. Their designers have created some of the most beautifully designed peripherals.  They also keep prices competitive so that more people can enjoy their technology.

At CES they introduced their two newest pairs of premium headphones, Ella and Sadie. Ella is the first headphone to combine the supremely detailed sound of planar magnetic drivers with the emotional impact of traditional headphones to deliver a uniquely satisfying listening experience. Sadie extends the innovations achieved by Blue’s Mo-Fi powered headphone with a refined fit and sonic soundstage that results in even greater performance. Ella and Sadie feature custom, built-in audiophile amplifiers for next-level fidelity regardless of the sound source. Both Ella and Sadie feature Blue’s radical racecar-inspired multi-jointed headband for fit and comfort, improved isolation, and enhanced sound quality.

sadie1 Meet Sadie And Ella The Newest Premium Headphones From Blue [CES 2017]“͞Ella is a planar magnetic headphone with a twist—it delivers both superior detail and musical impact,͟said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. ͞Typical planar magnetic headphones sacrifice impact to achieve higher levels of detail, leaving a sound that’s more clinical than emotional. And traditional dynamic headphones are great at delivering the power and punch that most of us are used to but can’t transmit the detail planar does. Ella is the first headphone that combines the best of both worlds to offer both punch and precision.

“Ella combines Blue’s planar magnetic technology with an onboard audiophile amp and large, high-capacity cabinets to deliver the perfect blend of accuracy and impact. Ella’s 50mm x 50mm drivers are self-tensioned for fast response and extreme accuracy, while still delivering warmth and punch. The massive driver enclosures are fashioned after high-end speaker cabinets to deliver a rich, extended soundstage. Ella is also the first planar magnetic headphone to offer a built-in 250mW audiophile amp, which is perfectly matched to Blue’s custom planar magnetic drivers to deliver crystal-clear audio on all listening devices. And to ensure the highest quality standards, Ella is handmade in small quantities.  Sadie further refines the high-fidelity experience of Blue’s acclaimed Mo-Fi headphones to transform any laptop or portable device into a mobile hi-fi system. Featuring a built-in audiophile amp that takes the burden of power off your device, Sadie provides vastly improved performance and superior sound. Refinements to Sadie’s drivers and sonic soundstage deliver higher levels of performance to reveal newdetail in your favorite music. Custom-matched 50mm ultra-premium dynamic drivers are specifically tuned for full-range sound with improved clarity, more defined low end, highly articulate mids and accurate high frequency response. Spacious cabinets behind the drivers optimize performance by maximizing the volume of air around the drivers. ͞Sadie is the exciting evolution of Blue’s commitment to creating premium headphones,͟ said Maier. ͞We broke the mold with Mo-Fi, and Sadie advances that concept even further with refined custom-tuned drivers and a further streamlined unique design. It’s like wearing a premium hi-fi system on your head.”

Both Ella and Sadie take Blue’s reinvented headband even further with a lighter weight, streamlined design. The headband features a four-point multi-jointed linkage system with pivoting arms to keep the headphones parallel at all times and provide comfort and adjustability for any head shape or size. The earcups are shaped like ears to achieve a superior seal for accurate bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed. Both headphones feature three all-analog amp modes—including OFF, ON, and ON+—allowing listeners to activate the onboard amplifier and restore the missing low end to vinyl-era music. The completely reimagined holistic design results in a supremely precise, highly customizable headphone with superior comfort and unprecedented performance.

Find out more about Sadie here and Ella here.