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Prynt, The Popular Pocket Printer, Is Headed To Android

prynt-top Prynt, The Popular Pocket Printer, Is Headed To Android

Prynt is headed to android with Kickstarter campaign.

Prynt Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Bring It’s Popular Smartphone Printer to Android

It’s one part retro, one part futuristic and several parts amazing. The Prynt, pocket printer is available now for iPhone and it gets rave reviews. The pocket sized device attaches to your iPhone and allows you to print photos right from your camera roll.

Prynt users are finding a variety of ways to incorporate the printer into their daily lives. For most, you’re out with friends and you take a great group shot. You can easily memorialize it in a small printed picture you can pin up to your dresser mirror or the refrigerator. You can take those cute pictures of your boyfriend and print them out for your desk at work. A novel idea playing homage to it’s analog predecessor the Polaroid. After all, Instagram has been using a Polaroid camera as it’s icon since the beginning.

But Prynt goes beyond just printing pictures. Where a companion app that can be used for touchups and effects but it takes the entire process and makes it even more exciting. Users can add a video to their picture and through augmented reality, make that physical picture come to life when it’s viewed through your phone. What a great way to embed a secret message to a friend or loved one.

Our mission has always been to help people share their everyday moments in a unique and innovative way,” said CEO and co-founder, Clement Perrot. “With this new campaign, we aim to engage the Android community and bring instant photo story-telling to more users – making printing photos and sharing moments as exciting as posting a photo on Instagram or Snapchat.”

Prynt took to Kickstarter to initial launch the Prynt Pocket for iPhone back in 2014. They were able to raise over $1 million dollars and bring the futuristic accessory to life. Now they’re answering the call of fans far and wide and have launched the Android version on Kickstarter as well.

Just launched, at the time this article was written they had raised $39,318 of their $50,000 goal but no worries there are still 34 days left in the campaign. They plan on shipping Prynt Pocket for Android in April 2018 and have several backer levels which include the printer itself and several Prynt papers which are called ZINK sticker paper, because they’re actually stickers.

While it won’t be here until the Spring you can still commit and give it as a holiday gift, just Prynt or should we say, print the receipt from backing the campaign on Kickstarter and stick that under the tree.

If you want to pre-order now, by backing on Kickstarter click here.

To find out more about Prynt or order the original iPhone printer, click here.