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PX360 The Adventurer’s iPhone Case

puregear-px360-1 PX360 The Adventurer's iPhone CasePX360 The Adventurer’s iPhone Case

Hard, shock resistant, rubberized cases are nothing new. Otterbox, Lifeproof and Griffin have been making rugged smartphone cases for years. In fact naerly two short years ago Life Proof and Otterbox merged to become a power house in the ruggedized case market.

Well even those rough, rugged and tough cases left some people wanting more, especially the adventuresome set and those who carry multiple phones. Also, recently, the holster clips on the holster/case combo cases from Otterbox have become extremely week. I replaced my Galaxy Note 4 case three times in a week because the clip broke off.  But what if you could clip the phone to you using a carabiner?

puregear-pk360-2 PX360 The Adventurer's iPhone CaseThat’s exactly what Pure Gear has done with their PX360 case.

The PX360 starts with an extremely tough and rugged case. In fact it’s so tough that you use six allen bolts to hold the case in place. While it doesn’t have on top screen protection it forms a pretty deep lip that will protect the screen from flat impact. Corners may still be a challenge.

P360-3 PX360 The Adventurer's iPhone CaseBut what I especially like about the PX360 case is that a carabiner can go through the top of the case. What’s that meant for me personally is that I can let my iPhone 6 protrude from the top of my jeans pocket and I don’t need to worry that the phone is going to actually fall to the floor. It’s also extremely convenient to clip it to the top of my backpack when going through TSA at the airport.

Pure Gear has basically thought of everything too, almost like this phone case was made by Ikea. PureGear has stored the allen wrench that fits the allen bolts right into the phone case. This way you don’t need to worry about losing the wrench later on if you want to switch cases.

px360-4 PX360 The Adventurer's iPhone CaseThe PX360 is available at PureGear in matte black, clay blue, kelp green and orchid purple.