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Hurricane Irma, Google Can Show You The Ways

Google-Maps-Irma-top Hurricane Irma, Google Can Show You The WaysGoogle Maps Works With Florida For Real Time Updating

It’s no secret that the Google Maps team missed the mark when it came to road closures after Hurricane Harvey ravished Texas and parts of Louisiana. Everyone on network television, cable television and social media were telling people that had to drive to flood damaged areas to use the popular Waze app (you see what we did in the headline?).

Waze is a mapping and GPS app that is also crowdsourced and the community driving the crowdsourced updates is extremely active. The Waze community updates each other within the app of road closures, speed traps, and other things that will affect your commute.

The Waze community jumped into action in Corpus Christi Texas, Houston, and parts of Louisiana as roads were closed for flooding due to Hurricane Harvey. It was the most trusted GPS after the storm.

Google realizes how important real time information is, especially considering that their Google Maps software powers the GPS on tens of millions of devices. Every Android phone in the world uses Google Maps as a default. (Waze is available on Android and iOS).

The company reported that they were working with local Florida government to insure their maps and their crisis map are continually updated, in real time.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Irma. To provide access to accurate and useful transportation information, we use algorithmic and manual methods to account for everyday and emergency road closures. We’re working directly with Florida officials to help provide up-to-date information to those affected by the storm. These road closures will also appear on our Irma Crisis Map, embedded as part of our SOS Alert on Search.” Google said in a statement.

Florida Governor Rick Scott told CBS News that the state is coordinating with Google’s emergency response team to mark closed roads in real time on Google Maps.

It’s important to note that Waze is still a very good solution in critical times like these.