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Google Goes $1 Billion Dollars All Into Tech Education

growwithgoogle-top Google Goes $1 Billion Dollars All Into Tech EducationGoogle Announced “Grow With Google” Initiaitive, includes $1 Billion Dollars and 1 million hours of community service.

There is a growing concern across the country about the lack of people properly educated for the technologically demanding jobs of the present time. The internet giant knows that more people want to be competitive in the tech world.

Access to technical education is a big barrier for those wanting to do tech jobs and can’t. Google has announced a new “Grow With Google” initiative.

The Grow With Google initiative calls for an investment of $1 Billion Dollars into education along side a commitment of 1 million hours of time for Google employees to help mentor, teach, educate and volunteer with non profits. This initiative is slated to last over the next five years.

Part of the Grow With Google initiative is a $10 million dollar commitment to Goodwill to launch the GoodWill Digital Career Accelerator. For decades GoodWill has been training adults across the country for a variety of non-technical jobs. Along with the monetary commitment to GoodWill 1,000 Google employees have committed to mentoring and job coaching at GoodWill over the next three years, ZDNet reported.

Google is also funding nearly 2600 scholarships through various non-profit organizations. They will go above and beyond the typical scholarship path by connecting scholarship recipients to potential employers like beauty giant L’Oreal, PNC Bank, and even Google.

“We understand there’s uncertainty and even concern about the pace of technological change. But we know that technology will be an engine of America’s growth for years to come,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a statement.

Google will also continue to grow and innovate G-Suite for education which teaches students grades Pre-K-20.

Through Grow With Google the company will also launch an IT Professional Support Certificate which will introduce hands on labs so that will take learners to job readiness within 12 months.

The overall goal is to rapidly introduce technical education to more and more people. If one company can do that, it’s Google.