Google Creates New Site For “How To’s” And Reveals The Most Searched “How To’s”

howto-top Google Creates New Site For "How To's" And Reveals The Most Searched "How To's"Google Has Revealed The Most Popular “How To” Searches And Visualized The Data

If you ever wanted to know how to fix a toilet or install a parking brake light you probably went straight to Google and typed in “How to…”. The most popular search engine in the world receives tens of millions of how to searches per day.

Things like “How to make more money” or “How to lose weight” are obviously going to be very popular, but have you ever wondered what other “how to’s” people are searching for?

Google released a blog post last week as well as a data visualization tool that will show anyone interested just what the top “how to” searches are.  The interactive essay was a joint project between Google News Lab and data scientist Xaquin G.V.

One of the biggest “how to” categories was how to fix things. The study revealed that North Americans and East Asians searched “how to fix a toilet” the most while people in the former Soviet Union actually googled “How to fix a washing machine”. East Europeans searched for how to fix light bulbs and people in warmer climates wanted to know how to fix their fridge.

Cooking was another very popular category encompassing everything from “how to boil an egg” to how to make pizza dough.

Teenagers searched for sweet things like how to kiss or how to tell if a guy likes you.

Here’s the top 10 how to searches worldwide:

  1. how to tie a tie
  2. how to kiss
  3. how to get pregnant
  4. how to lose weight
  5. how to draw
  6. how to make money
  7. how to make pancakes
  8. how to write a cover letter
  9. how to make french toast
  10. how to lose belly fat

The data essay is actually very interesting. They look into things like reoccurring how to’s. For instance, we search for “how to lose weight” every year after Thanksgiving, Christmas and right around New Years. In the spring “How to ask someone to prom” is a big how to search.

Check the site out for yourself, here