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Is Google Reviving The Pixel Chromebook?

Google May Bring Back The Pixel Chromebook

Google-Pixel-top Is Google Reviving The Pixel Chromebook?

Is Google reviving the Pixel Chromebook? (image:

Back in 2013 Google launched their own, suped up Chromebook called the Pixel. The name is now shared by their high end, vanilla Android phones that once bore the name “Nexus”.

Chromebooks have basically gone to the world of education. Teachers, administrators, schools and districts loved the stripped down laptops that allow instant connection to Google services including the Chrome browser and Google Classroom. Typically, Chromebooks cost a lot less than an actual laptop because they are, for the most part, bare bones.

The original Google Pixel Chromebook combined high tech with high fashion in a machine that looked almost as good as a Macbook Air. The problem was, and for the most part still is, that it was limited to Chrome OS. This makes it great for education and people that need to quickly do things on the internet. It’s also great for people who are so enamored in the Google ecosystem that they don’t waiver for things like Microsoft Word or the Adobe Creative Cloud.

But you know who the Google Pixel Chromebook is great for? A forward thinking educator that wants the horsepower needed to create amazing lessons entirely in Google Classroom or an administrator that has to oversee hundreds of students on regular Chromebooks. The Google Pixel Chromebook packed in great horsepower, battery life and aesthetics.

Google stopped the Pixel Chromebook program last year. However, reports have surfaced on the internet this week that suggest Google could be reviving the beautiful beast.

Android Police reported Monday that Google will unveil a new Pixel Chromebook along side a mini Google Home device at a Hardware event next month. Android Police is known for having good sources. In this case the source suggests that this latest Pixel is coming from a project that was known as Project Bison.

The mysterious Project Bison was supposed to be a laptop to compete with the likes of the newest Microsoft Surface  and the latest Macbook. It’s believed that this Pixel could see a 12.3″ screen, 32 or 128gb of storage, 8 or 16gb of RAM, and an optional Wacom stylus sold separately. It was also reported that Google intended for Project Bison to be under 10mm thick and have a tablet mode. So are we expecting a “convertible” Chromebook?  It’s believed that this new Chromebook could enter the market at $799, which is a little steep considering it’s a Chromebook.

But if you’ve been waiting to splurge on a nicer Chromebook for the head of the class, you may want to wait until later this fall to see what Google brings to the table.