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Google Celebrates The 40th Birthday Of Hip Hop With The Best Doodle Ever

August 11, 1977 Is The Birth of The Break Which Started Hip Hop As We Know it

Google-Doodle-Turntables Google Celebrates The 40th Birthday Of Hip Hop With The Best Doodle Ever

It was on August 11th 1977 that DJ Kool Herc (of the Burning Spear right), threw a party in the Bronx that would change music as we know it. It was at this party that Herc used two turn tables and some of the best funk, r&b and dance records of the time to create break beats and extend instrumentals so people could dance longer.

MC’s, or master of ceremonies, would take those “break beats” and rap and rhyme over them to make the party more hype. Some of the most famous rappers in the world, starting with the likes of Kurtis Blow, Grand Master Flash, and Whodini started out, not as musicians, but as MC’s, some might equate those with the likes of Fat Man Scoop and Lil Jon of present day.

While I knew some of this from my DJ days a lot of this information was gained from a short lesson on hip hop music from the king of Yo MTV Raps, Fab 5 Freddy who makes a guest appearance in today’s Google Doodle.

When you click on today’s Google Doodle you’ll notice two turn tables and a cross-fader. Fab 5 Freddy gives you directions on how to use the two turntables. There’s a crate of records to the side you can scroll through it’s all the classic hip hop break beats like Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken, and Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Rock, which you may know as Apache from Grand Master Flash.

You can play with the turntables and the records as long as you want. The interface features BPM which can be set to sync or you can manipulate the BPM yourself. It also allows you to scratch, I mean what kind of turntable interface wouldn’t let you scratch. Google has thought of everything and it’s quite nostalgic to have it all taught by Freddy.

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