Columbia Government OneSpark 2015

Stay Up On Your Local Politics With Voterheads

Of all the things that we saw at One Spark, Voterheads was my personal favorite. Essentially, Voterheads is a platform that allows users to closely follow local politics, and only the political issues that they care about. Voterheads acts as a sort of clipping service for local political issues.

Voterheads makes it easy for you to find out what’s happening at your City, County, and School Board. We proactively alert you when an item is coming up for consideration that matches your interests. You can then vote on, comment on, and share items with your friends and neighbors. We then share your feedback with your local elected official. Voterheads let’s you be involved in local politics without all the inconvenience.1

Local elections have notoriously low turnouts. It is hard to pinpoint any one reason for the lack of voters. That said, unfamiliarity with the issues – what the issues are, when they are being discusses, when they are being voted on, as well as the consequences – certainly plays a factor. That is exactly the issue that Voterheads looks to address.

It is incredibly simple to get started. All you do is go to and sign up. Once signed up, you simply enter all of the issues and topics that interest/impact you. Voterheads will then serve you alerts whenever your local City, County, or School Board is going to discuss or vote on something that matches a topic of interest or is happening near your home. Simple as that. 

It is absolutely disgusting that the average local voter turnout rate is under 20%. It is time that we all get off of our asses and go take 10 minutes to vote. Hopefully a more robust understanding of the issues, through the use of Voterheads can help raise this number. Probably not though.

We had a chance to speak with the Voterheads team during One Spark. They told us a little more about the platform, and how it works:

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