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Cards Against Humanity Is Why The Black and White Smartphone Hack Won’t Work For Me

The Gray Scale iPhone Hack Is Bunk and Cards Against Humanity Is The Reason Why.

cards-against-humanity-scholarship-top Cards Against Humanity Is Why The Black and White Smartphone Hack Won't Work For Me

Popular adult game Cards Against Humanity is serious about STEM (photo: nibletz)

All of our lives, as Americans we are taught not to judge a book by it’s cover and not to judge anyone by their color. These are great values instilled in every great American, young or old, famous or not so famous. We live by this today, or at least we’re supposed to.

There’s much ado these days about a nice little smartphone hack that’s supposed to help cure your smartphone addiction. They say that if you chose grayscale (black and white) instead of color than everything comes up black and white and it’s less stimulating. In fact my good friend (we grew up in the same town) Mack McKelvey of Salient MG said in the New York Times: 

“You don’t buy black-and-white cereal boxes, you buy the really stimulating colored one, and these apps have developed really cool tiles, cool shapes, cool colors, all designed to stimulate you,” Ms. McKelvey said. “But there’s a vibrant world out there, and my phone shouldn’t be it.”

Mack is brilliant when it comes to marketing and specifically in the mobile world. Before founding Salient MG she was the Senior Vice President at Millennial Media. But for me at least, she’s wrong on this one.

You see my favorite steak in the world comes from a no-frills, drab, dark steakhouse. My favorite burger, from a trailer and my favorite hot dog and ice cream, from similar looking, drab shacks. For the last ten years I’ve used the basic black Otterbox Defender case and oh yeah, Cards Against Humanity.

Go to any Target in the world and you’ll find Cards Against Humanity, sans the Chosen People Pack. Right there, smack down in the toy section with the most eye popping, colors and brilliantly designed games and toys and then there’s CAH. Plain black boxes with equally plain white riding. The cards, just black and white they’ve sold tens of millions of copies.

Personally I think the grayscale trick is for the snowflakes that want to get over their self proclaimed “smartphone addiction” and need a crutch to put it on. If you think you have a problem looking at your smartphone to much, woman up or man up and just stop doing it. Charge your phone face down on your desk. Don’t pull it out in a business meeting, you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. Just use common sense.

If you still swear by this grayscale hack I’ve got something to tell you, Marilyn Manson is the reason there are school shootings.