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South African Startup headcliQ, Is The Place For Ideas

Got An Idea, HeadcliQ Is For You

headcliQ-top South African Startup headcliQ, Is The Place For Ideas

“Ideation without execution is delusion” is a quote from Robin Sharma, one of the most powerful quotes in the world. There’s an interview out there somewhere where Techstars co-founder David Cohen is talking with the interviewer and he says something like “have you heard about the startup that’s a platform for just ideas”. He goes on to say something to the effect that ideas aren’t worth a grain of salt, it’s all about implementation.

That’s the same ethos that surrounds Nick Taktikos and Jason Ball’s startup, headcliQ. Taktikos has a background in programming and design. Ball is the CEO of Fibre Central Africa and handles the marketing for the aspiring startup.

“We are building an app based platform with social interactions to enable people with ideas to take action, to make that idea a reality by sharing and collaborating with like minded individuals and executing on that idea! Most people have amazing ideas but don’t have that extra push in them to pursue their dreams, we want to bring minds together to action that idea and make their dream a reality. We want individuals to execute and not keep that idea trapped in their mind!” Taktikos told us in an interview.

headcliQ is a platform where one person can bring an idea and find others to collaborate to make that idea come to life. Later on that same person may be able to offer collaboration to bring another person’s idea to fruition.

“We want headcliQ to be the go to place for any person with an idea, we want people to take pride and action their ideas making their dreams alive. Most ideas go nowhere, they stay inside the mind of that individual and without executing that idea nothing will come from it. We are providing a fun and interactive way for people to collaborate and share, bringing minds together from all over the world and providing a way for people to make it happen!” they said.

We scoured the internet to see if there was a platform quite like headcliQ and amazingly there’s not. It’s definitely a novel idea, the mindshare factor is great. One of the hurdles that may come up is protecting someone’s intellectual property. That of course goes to the grain of headcliQ. An idea goes nowhere with it locked in someone’s head.

You can check out headcliQ here and keep up with their progress.

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