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ProToCall Is An Important Tool For All College Campuses

protocall-top ProToCall Is An Important Tool For All College CampusesIt’s Time To Have A Conversation About The Importance of Good Title IX Management

Nobody wants to talk about sexual misconduct, harassment, abuse, assault or Title IX. Unfortunately, it’s something that college campuses face every day. Lately, with all of the sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse stories in the news, it may be time to give your campus a Title IX checkup.

What is your pipeline for reports of sexual misconduct. How does a complaint get from a nurse’s office, a professors office, a security office or an administrator’s office to your Title IX coordinator. Who is in charge of documentation. Who is supporting the victim or the person who makes the report, and how. How secure are your files and complaints when it comes to sexual misconduct and related issues? Who has access to that information.

These kinds of incidents on college campuses in whatever form or fashion, are the hardest things to deal with. It’s even harder when they’re not managed right. A reduction in incidents of any kind of sexual misconduct is going to improve the culture and that starts with training all the way through adjudication.

Until now, there hasn’t been a software platform designed specifically for incidents of sexual misconduct or to manage Title IX complaints. Many campuses use their normal CRM, a spread sheet or file folders. With all of the various stakeholders this can get sloppy. Mismanaged cases can lead to even more harmful results for students and the college or university.

Enter Pro-to-call

Pro-to-call is a secure, comprehensive and seamless system that supports college and universities to record, resolve and report sexual misconduct on campus. Pro-to-call was developed specifically and exclusively to manage all campus sexual misconduct incidents involving students, staff, faculty and third parties.

After working in higher education and dealing first hand with incidents of sexual misconduct and Title IX complaints, Pro-to-call was born.

ferrilli-729x90-a ProToCall Is An Important Tool For All College Campuses“While working on a project at a college campus, we met with a group of people, including a Title IX Coordinator to show her the application we had been working on. We asked her what she used and she said an “an excel spreadsheet on steroids”. We reached out to a friend whose legal career spanned risk management and compliance. We started reaching out to other Title IX Coordinators and asked what they had used. Many with the same response “excel on steroids” and a few stating they retro fitted the information into their student conduct software but that had caused many open issues. We saw the need, put the team together and started working on business requirements.” the company told in an interview

Pro-to-call’s framework can be retrofitted to match the needs, rules and policies of any college campus. The key though, is that Pro-to-call was designed to manage these kinds of incidents from reporting to adjudication. The software prompts are relevant to sexual misconduct and Title IX complaints and you’re guided through a natural flow of the incident.

Now when your campus receives an official Title IX complaint all of the important information and paperwork is right in one spot. If a campus victim ends up giving a campus official more information it can be easily added.

Pro-to-call’s features include:

  • Detailed Intake Pages for Complainants, Respondents and Witnesses
  • Customized Fields
  • Robust Investigation and Adjudication Features
  • Audio, Video and Document Uploading
  • Data Migration for Internal Analysis and External Governmental Reporting Needs
  • Shared Calendars and Event Scheduling
  • Secure, Internal Messaging
  • Access Rights

Make one of the hardest parts of your job easier to manage for everyone involved, from victim to Title IX coordinator to authorities. Check out Pro-to-call here at